I can offer 11b

The price is too low。

This toon doesn’t have Jump skills, shield compensation skills, or XL missile skills. I’d offer 13b

Skills have been updated,The lowest price I can accept is 18B

Can’t I even delete my own posts in this forum?


Extract SP and sell it all,It could be more than 11 billion

  • Who bids 17b? I sell

The reason you’re not getting much interest is because with the missing skills anyone who buys this toon to be a dread alt would need to pay for 3 plex and wait three months to use it in combat. I’ll keep my bid at 13b. I’m not really interested in paying more than that for this toon. If that doesn’t work for you I’ll leave you with a free bump :smiley:

if you can get it to JDC5 and dreadnaught 4 ill consider buying it, atm the skills are too low for me to buy, when I can inject a dedicated toon with a name of my choosing for similar price.

Still on sale。


Extraction Value on this account is 12.1B - You probably wont get more for it.

My 13b offer is still valid

But it’s a lot lower than the price you pay to buy a skill and then inject it. There are two sides to everything. I want to sell to people who need the skill rather than people who want to extract the skill,

Still 17B

Without proper quotation, I have no authority to delete my own post, please delete the administrator post

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