Hi Razadax

Welcome back to eve hope you find a good corp. Until then i hope you can consider us as an option.

We are 100% independent group of pvp that operate in venal (null npc) and with us you will have to deal with sov warfare or blue doughnut mentality. 99.9% in the game are hostile and venal atm is a very rich target environment where you can grow with us.

We play for fun due to the fact that ALL OF US are married with kids and full time jobs just like you and we dont have time for time consuming fleets and whatnot.

with us you play as much you can and want and we tend to keep things as simple as possible.

if you want to know more just check our website

there you will find more about us and what we are doing.


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Greetings and salutations

i like to invite you to have a talk to see if we are a match

plz drop by and say hi

fly save and 07

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