100 bil

thx for bid…like to get some more

101 bil

daily bumb and thx for the bid…

102 bil

103 bil

104 bil…

104.5 bil

105 bil

105.5 bil

106 bil

daily bumb

106.5 bil

thx for bid

I dedicided to add an buyout…

i saw the most sales are at 1b per 1m sp …

so i give an discoutn and wanna following buyout:

120b buyout.

first comes first draws, im most online for an fast transfer, if you wish an talk, the char is most online, contact him or mail him.


110b bid

SOLD 120b

acccepted… ust send account infos and isk to this char and i will start the transfer to your account

Isk sent and awaiting transfer