WTS 15 million SP Scanner ALT 2015 DoB
Also can fly AMARR Blockade Runner

Total SP: 15 189 551 SP
Located in Jita 4-4**
NO jump clone
Positive wallet
No kill rights
No Bounties
0.0 Security status
Member of an NPC Corporation - RMSchool
active clone:
+5 Implants
slot 6: EG-605
slot 8: AR-810
slot 9: “Prospector” AC-905
slot 10: “Prospector” EY-1005

All CCP rules apply, i will pay transfer fee.
Starting Bid 13 bill
BuyOut : 15 bill

Is there something special about the pilot?

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15 bil buyout
Isk ready o7

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Thank you!
Will send 4h after this reply o7

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Even better…
Im at work now smile:
Will send isk tomorrow

I apologize
Cant buy the character anymore

Daily bumb
Starting Bid 13 bill
BuyOut : 15 bill