(Delve Sov/NULL) The Crown: Dreams of Null and ISK

Welcome to The Crown

Ladies and gentlemen,
First of all I want to thank you for clicking this link. There are thousands of corporations in EVE Online, many of whom offer a substantial amount of ‘services.’ My purpose tonight isn’t to sell you on making freighters full of ISK. My purpose tonight isn’t to sell you on opportunities to improve your killboards…

I want to sell you on a dream our CEO has. I want to sell you on a dream that we, as her leadership, share in this vast sandbox MMO we know as EVE.

What is The Crown?
In my decade of EVE Online, every corporation I have ever been a part of has only ever cared about getting numbers in their ranks. What makes us any different from them?

The Crown is the culmination of years of the futile search of finding family in EVE. The Queen has put together a corporation with the hopes of forging in the fires of EVE a true family and getting players together to interact.

EVE has a long and brutal tradition of chewing people up and spitting them right back out to make them either hate the game or begrudgingly play it out of sheer stubbornness. What we’re looking for are those that have the persistence to slug through EVE’s brutality and find what makes the game worth playing for them again.

We need people whose ultimate purpose for coming here is to have fun playing EVE with people that feel as they do. We need those who have been disillusioned by EVE online. We need people that have the resolve to sit down and build something with us. And I can’t emphasize that point heavily enough: Build with the Crown.

What does The Crown offer?

I touched on family above and Funsies are pretty self explanatory. Amongst our leadership we have about 50 years of accumulated leadership experience spread across multiple games. Each of us came here because we were absolutely sold on what our CEO is building. We are believers. We don’t want to just make EVE enjoyable for you, we also want to make your online lives fulfilling. We want to pass our experiences on to those that join us. If you are willing to open up to us, we are happy to have you join our family so we can grow together.

What about what we offer in EVE?

PVP roams. We live in Sov Null under experienced leadership. There is no shortage of targets of opportunity. We conduct regular fleet ops throughout the week to cater to the availability of our diverse membership. If you are an experienced PVPer or are just starting out, we have something to offer you.

Get Fleet Updates and Opportunities via Jabber. Apply for special fleets and get in on the action with fully reimbursed ships.

Industrial. With the changes to citadels and moon mining, we have an opportunity to turn some of the most inhospitable regions of space into a viable home. Going industrial is a fantastic way of earning your ISK. Align yourselves with The Crown the way we have. Don’t make your billions just to say you made ISK. Use your skills and your experience to help us further our goals together. With excellent opportunities for Planetary Interaction and the availability of premium ore in the system makes this an profitable destination.

Big-Time Industrialists have access to a wide array of manufacturing arrays. Build everything from ammo for your ratting needs to supplying Supercapitals to Imperium Fleets.

Mining. No corporation worth its volume in internet spaceships can function without a strong industrial core. The heart of that core is the miners. Whether you’re in a Venture or boasting a powerful Rorqual, we need you to fully exploit the untapped wealth of our space. Mining ops are run daily and we always have room in the fleet for more.

Whether you’re after high-grade ore, some of that sweet Blue Sky Ice, huffing the finest gas sites, or vaping the smoothest Moon Goo known to man, we’ve got you covered.

What do we require of you?

To join we require a full, non-expiring API for all of your accounts. We hope you understand that it is for your security as much as it is ours. Because we have a dream worth fighting in our internet spaceships for, there are those in this universe that will stop at nothing to crush that dream.

While it’s not strictly a requirement, we also want you to be open to learning new things in EVE. If mining is all you know, that’s great! However, in order to achieve our goals, we need a wide range of skill sets to make the best use of our space. There is more to EVE than than a singular focus and we have experienced members that can help you discover new aspects of the game that appeal to you.

Voice communications are a very big part of how we operate. We need people on comms even if you can only listen at first. We strongly encourage you to get a microphone and engage with us on Discord, but we are willing to find a workaround if that is not possible. The sooner you can join us on comms, the safer you will be in the event we have a hostile fleet moving through our territory.

If you’ve stuck it out and read this far, I invite you to join ‘Crown Public’ channel in EVE. You can also contact the following people to learn more:

  • Shyeer ‘10C-NVZ’ Alvarin
  • Pacoba3
  • Monarchy Queen (CEO)

Thank you for your time. We hope we will be able to tell you ‘Welcome home,’ pilots.
This is Shyeer Alvarin with The Crown, signing off.


*TS3 & Jabber Required

*CTA/PAP Fleets (Minimum monthly participation either solo or as part of corp operations)

*Ore Anomalies (High-grade Ark/Bist/Croc/Mercoxit)

*Ice Anomalies

*Moon Mining

*Ore/Ice/Salvage/PI Buyback

*Combat Anomalies (Everything from Forsaken Dens for newbros to get their teeth bloody to Sanctums for the hardened combat pilot saving for their next set of bling.)

*Ship Replacement Program

*Jumpbridges available to facilitate moving back and forth in Sov Null.

*Access to the largest trade hub in Null.

*Members of the Imperium.

*PVP fleets for both standing response and roams. Jabber Pings and more opportunities.

*Know what dangers lurk in the void with the Intel channel.

I can guarantee, this corporation is really family friendly :slight_smile:

Ladies and gentlemen, recruitment is once again Open! Send me a message in-game or join the Crown Recruitment channel.

We’ve got your back.

Click here for the obligatory forum bump and reminder that The Crown is still recruiting. Join the ‘Crown Recruitment’ channel or send me a private convo in-game. And remember! Private chats don’t go out until you send your first message, so don’t forget to o/!

Recruitment is still open, folks. Drop into the Crown Recruitment channel and have a chug at with us. If a Recruiter isn’t around, don’t hesitate to send me an Eve Mail with any and all questions.

Ladies and gentlemen, The Crown is still recruiting. Give us a shout in the Crown Recruitment channel or contact us directly in-game.

What’s this? The Crown is still recruiting?

New to our event playlist:

PAP’s Against Humanity
Cards With Crown
Ship Lotteries


Feel free to send me an in-game mail with any questions you might have, Fayte.

Good evening. Is Recruitment still open? Im in 7g

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