🇺🇸 DEPLORABLES. -- 50 man PVP Corp Looking for Home

DEPLORABLES. (DTRMP) is a 50+ man PVP corp with lowsec, faction war, and nullsec PVP experience, looking for a new home!

Our Killboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98484240/ (its pretty good!)

:boom: A little bit about us:

We are a tight knit group of social PVPers that were forged out of the remnants of Caldari facwar. We enjoy fighting and killing above all else, and have fun, promoting a professional PVP but relaxed social corp atmosphere. We have pilots ranging from 300m SP to 10m SP. We don’t have a ton of cap pilots, but we have tons of skirmish FCs, a few Fleet FCs, scouts, cynos, cloaky campers, and industrial/mining alts. We have plenty of out of corp logistics/lift capability for getting our stuff around, too! We will absolutely devastate your discord channels with memes.

Our corp name and ticker makes people salty, but we’re an inclusive, friendly, jovial bunch.

:boom: Why are we looking for an alliance?

We’re big enough now to be able to move into a good, stable alliance and grow, but not quite big enough to go it alone! We have our own SeAT and other corp resources, so we do take the game seriously.

:boom: What we want:

  • Someone with some area of space they exert influence to make ISK, stomp enemies, and build things
  • Primarily USTZ. We are not interested in being your only USTZ corp or building your USTZ if you’re 100% EU, though we have a few EU pilots who are very very very good and wouldn’t mind people to fly with if you’re a mixed tz alliance
  • A stable home with good leadership and direction
  • An alliance that enjoys hanging out on comms as much as they do blowing people up
  • People who understand our pilots like to kill everything, but also have RL jobs and need to PLEX their accounts

:clown_face: What We don’t want:

  • Exclusive wormhole alliances
  • Goons (most of our leadership is happily blacklisted)
  • Goon pets (see above)
  • People who are going to ask us to merge with an existing alliance corp (the answer is no)
  • We’re not interested in gigantic blobs every fleet, though we get this sometimes happens
  • We’re mostly working professionals (doctors, lawyers, active duty military, etc) so alliances who are going to be constantly calling CTAs likely won’t be a good fit


Drop a line here! Or message KIMSEMUS in game, or add me on Discord at :congaparrot: Kimsemus#8534 :congaparrot:

(Removed political content. None of that. First warning. -ISD Dorrim Barstorlode)


This banner fills me with awkward feelings.

In the best way, just like Deplorables.



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I approve of this product and/or service

whats up guys long time no see. reach out for chat sometime on discord might be able to work something out.

The banner makes me want to leg hump everyone in this corp. If your’re interested S I L E N T. is looking for some more USTZ folks! Would like to chat and see if you guys are interested!

If you want to try highsec pvp stuff. convo me. We have a lot of things here to do

We’re an alliance/Coalition in APOC. if you are looking to build and grow - this is the place. Can be quiet - can be a lot on.

Our lead diplo is Elassus Herron - drop him - or me an in-game mail if you want to chat :slight_smile:

Bumpity bump – we’re still contacting everyone who’s reached out to us!

Send Ctlaltdel to my personal quarters and we can discuss further :grinning:


To the top!

Good morning, and bumped!

Good morning, sent a discord request. It is easier for me to chat there if that works for you?

hello, good evening, and bump

omw to bump

To the top, we’re still looking!

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