Depraven Initiative - Looking for new pilots -


Depraven Initiative is looking for new players that want to experience all that EVE has to offer, if you are looking for a small group of dedicated players and interested in helping a corporation grow, then we may be a fit for you. We are currently In NullSec, come join us for some serious ratting and mining as well as small fleet roams.

Depraven is an MMO gaming community that began decades ago, playing D&D pen and paper. Our members are mature, like-minded individuals who share similar play styles and interests.

Mission Statement
Our focus is building a strong community with good relationships through sound recruiting
and teamwork. We are currently looking for members who wish to positively contribute
to our organization and have fun.

Depraven Information:

  • North American
  • Discord Voice
  • Weekly Events
  • Regular Playstyle
  • Age Requirement- 18+
  • PVX
  • SMS activity feeds
  • Fun and exciting environment
  • Null Sec Corporation

Primary Play Times
CST | PST | EST time zone. (North America)


Application Process
Please apply in game – Depraven Initiative or contact Xsarec with questions

We play for fun. We play to achieve our goals. We play with respect of others.

Still recruiting as of 2/19/2019

Still recruiting as of 2/22/2019

Still recruiting as of 2/25/2019

Still recruiting as of 3/7/2019

Still recruiting as of 3/11/2019

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