Devblog: War, War Sometimes Changes

If you can reinforce their structure on the first day it will. Otherwise they just time their decs vs structure vulnerability. Highsec timers make it pretty easy to game.
Now I’ll also say I think the timers should be the same in all areas of space and highsec structures get the same bonuses (due to weaker defences as no AOE weapons it’s still not safer in highsec). Which would work alongside a two week dec period then.
But right now you need a 3 week period to avoid too much gaming of the system. And that’s crazy long to be decced also

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Awhile ago I made a statement that there were alliances that have thousands of members that are immune to war. I am against alliances being war dec immune and someone challenged me to name one. I happened to come across an alliance called “Silent Company” with over 6000 members and are war dec immune. As I also stated earlier there are several smaller alliances between 500-1000 members that are war dec immune.

CCP should change the war dec eligibility so that ONLY corps are war dec immune and that ALL alliances are war dec eligible.

This sounds good for Merc corps. I like it.

So… explain the issue. They get no benefits for having a large alliance. In fact they have to pay for their zero benefits.
If players want to be social what is the problem?

No pubs in stations. :beer:

Do I get it right from the graph? Only about 6-12% avarage off all corps/ players are interested and joining wardecs? Why not remove it entirly from the game?

As for the cost of wardecs, make it 500 mill per week and each week to compensate the income. Hardcore pvp peeps will pay that.

Less than 5% of players run incursions but if you removed incursions… well, you’d definitely hear it for awhile, and then many of that 5% would mass unsub, so…

Not everything in this game has to be done by 50%+ of the players to be worth keeping in this game. If we removed everything that only 10% or less of players do, the game would be a far, far emptier game with much, much less to do. I think you overrate the popularity of the popular things to do in EVE, if you break down PVP into various forms (wardecs being one of them) and PVE into various forms (incursions being one of them), NONE of the bars on that bar graph are going to reach 50%, most likely.

Look, how these wormhole muppets and people like @Dracvlad rejoice over having put all of PIRAT’s war HQs into RF. Rejoicing over how they deal a major blow to newbie grievers … while PIRAT is among the biggest threats to null blocks and wormhole blocks that flood the EVE economy with ISK. What a wonderful way to give null sec crabs even more safety in high sec.

You seem a bit uptight, blanket war decs now have consequences, but it is up to the players to actually do it. That some have actually got off of their fat complacent asses to do so is actually a good thing. In any case PIRAT will be fine, they have some very good players and there is a lot of inertia in terms of people actually going after war HQ’s.

By the way grievers is incorrect, the word is griefers. And for your information I don’t actually define PIRAT as griefers, but I would not call them mercs either… :stuck_out_tongue:


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