[Diaspora] Medical Centers for Intaki (or you)

Isn’t there a minimum size necessary for a brain to be TCMC’d? It’s gotta be at least bigger than the TCMC, right? Nauplis almost definitely falls short of that mark.

You can tell by how he has three or four things max at a time that he obsesses over. The Three Color Paintings being one of those things at the moment.


I don’t know how reputable these signatories of the daridas are, but if S-II is offering a partnership then I know Blackfire has done her research. I’ve under-utilized planetary divisions at current. That in mind, I’ll offer my personal expertise as long as S-II is involved.


Sri Nomistrav,

You damn with faint praise. I am not one to reject an offer to help. Nevertheless, since you make your involvement conditional on that of S-II, I hope you won’t mind if I liaise with @Maira_Blackfire about the details of your own contribution, and let her chase you to fulfil any commitments she may make to the CHTAR/OLDHR joint venture on your behalf.


Valerie Vynneve
Toxic Avenger
Dusk of the Old Horizon

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I’m sure she’s used to it by now.

Nomistrav I’ll be in contact within the next few days as I have to finish up a few things first


I would be glad to purchase a medical center to donate back to Intaki Prime. Please send me a contract or other details by mail.

Dr. Astaire Quatrevaux has asked me to express in tandem that Viavant would like to purchase and donate one as well. If you prefer, you may ask him about it directly once he returns to space; he is unreachable by comms at the moment.


That sounds great!
We will aquire 3 Facilities. 2 to donate and one for personal use.


I am pleased to confirm that the production of these medical centers was completed at the ISP’s assembly plant in Poitot earlier this week. We have donated one to a particularly worthy cause in the area and transported the rest to Astral Mining’s refinery station in Intaki.

Thank you to all those who have expressed an interest above. Contracts have been made out for the appropriate number of units each.

Should any of you wish to move these units, please make out a courier contract (no collateral no charge) to CHTAR specifying the destination.

Should you wish to donate any of these facilities to the Intaki Prime Relief Effort, please liaise with @Bataav. He is best placed to ensure that they are deployed appropriately and can arrange site inspections by interested donors.

We still have 21 available! Please get in touch if you would like to take one (or more!).

To reiterate, donation of these facilities is welcome but not expected. This project is about building local industrial capacity and cross-border trade. Our initial production run is priced at cost and so presents buyers with an excellent opportunity to either trade for a substantial profit or acquire Upwell compatible facilities at a cluster-beating price for their own uses.


Is this offer still valid? If so, will gladly buy one & direct it to a useful cause.


The offer stands until all remaining 21 are sold so we can happily make out a contract, thank you. Should the SoE Roughriders be the counterparty, per my suggestion elsewhere?

I would like to buy four. Are deliveries arranged or do I need to handle pick up? Sorry if that question has already been answered.

Do let me know if you end up scheduling an Art reception! It’d be nice to see one with real art for a change.


Either the corporation or me personally works. Destination will be the same in either case.

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Thank you Mme. Directrix. We are happy to arrange delivery. I will be in touch.

I was beginning to doubt but at this rate a reception is beginning to seem more in order!


A funny thing happened on the way to the Medical Center market.

Market orders start their life with at most 91 days remaining. This means that market orders with a residual life of over 67 days were entered after Auriga made the original announcement at the top of this thread. At that time the cluster-wide low price was below ISK 69m. And, three days later, someone placed a large sell order in Amarr bringing the low price to ISK 58m where it has hovered ever since (Jita’s 0.01-ISK-ing price competition currently is just below ISK 57m). We cannot claim direct causality without talking with the person responsible for the Amarr order of three weeks ago, but it seems plausible that Diaspora’s entry into the medical facilities industry is disrupting the market even before we place our own sell orders at ISK 45m.

Market data courtesy of EveMarketer.com


I think that I would like to purchase one if you’ve still any in stock.


Thank you Dame Elkin.

Contracts have now been made out to all concerned and accompanying mails sent. Please let either me, Valerie or Bataav know if you have any questions.

That brings us neatly to 10 remaining, which will be listed on the open market in Intaki tomorrow. I am pleased to confirm Valerie’s analysis that the upper band of the donchian channel has dropped materially since we began this exercise. We hope this trend will progress following tomorrow’s listing and will prompt Lai Dai to reflect rationally on its position.

Many thanks to all of you for your support.

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Market: disrupted
Market data courtesy of EveMarketer.com


I’m sorry that I didn’t see this until just now. I rarely visit the IGS. In the future, if you have more need with Humanitarian Relief type thingys, please feel free to reach out to me directly. Thank you.

-Lady Liliana Qadriyah Llŷr-


I expect that purchasing one of the 10 units on sale at Intaki would have much the same effect, less taxes. As I write this, all 10 appear to still be available.

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This is confirm that revenues from sale of our initial production run of medical centers are being reinvested as promised. A first step is to remedy the absence of off-planet manufacturing infrastructure in Intaki - the Diaspora Industrial Freeport is now operational in synchronous orbit with Intaki V-5’s Astral Mining Refinery.


It is an open access facility with manufacturing tax and office rental rates set at non-profit levels (0.1% and 5,000 ISK, respectively).

On behalf of the Diaspora, I welcome IGS readers to consider using the facility, supporting the Intaki V-5 Trade Hub and/or passing this welcome on to anyone else who may be interested.