Did not receive Machariel Angel's Hex SKIN


Yesterday, I purchased three months gametime only to get the Angel’s Hex SKIN, but haven’t received the SKIN yet. I’ve entered a Ticket but the Help Center seems to be offline. I am unsure whether the issue is known at CCP.

Thanks bye

Hi Frank Meyer,

If you are encountering issues with submitting tickets over theHelp Center, you can also submit a ticket by emailing support@eveonline.com .

I also havn´t received the SKIN.
Support ticket created #469493.

Pretty bad when a SKIN is promised and nothing is send…

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Yeah well ■■■■ happens, but it’s especially bad when it’s the only reason for you to buy 3 months game time. As long as it gets fixed it’s all good, but it’s been a day now

Exactly, bought it only because of the SKIN and the goog prices on market.
Now we have Day 2 since the SKINs are released and prices dropped already for about ~200m ISK.
So if you wanted to sell it, you are loosing already, like me…

Have same problem. Skin was not received. :frowning:
ticket 469489

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I didnt buy the 3 months sub yet. I wanted to buy it today and get the SKIN. when i was starting my PC today, the offer was gone (about 14:30 EVE time). Now i wonder if i still get the SKIN when i buy 3 months. the offer doesnt show up anywhere and there is no information about it, despite the launcher and website having said the offer would go until the 8. of August. so apparently it doest last until the 8. of August. now i am not sure what to do. can someone help me?

Well, look at the bright side - at least you didn’t sub for three months a week earlier and get nothing…