Did you know Rusted is Recruiting? [RRUST] - NPC Null- PVP - US & EU TZ

War is over, come and fly with a group with real content that isn’t blue to 80% of the universe.

Recently moved to Rust after getting back in game, great group of peeps.

Still looking for members.

Looking for more members! Come join today. Contact us in our in game channel “Trust in Rust”.

Still looking for bros, come fly.

Rust is recruiting bros

Dropping on randoms.

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Core hunting

We are whalers on the moon.

Good fights to be had

Sill looking for members. Come and roam with us.

Our corp is committed to providing equal-opportunity PvP content. We know discrimination is wrong, so we’re happy to shoot Goons and Test.

Content in both EU and US Tz to be had.

Episode One: A flight in Placid

It was a cold dark night… in space… again, and the master bird leader was restless.
He needed to spread his Steel Wings and fly, soar through the sky at 2200m/s if possible.
However he needed one more thing. BIRD BUDDIES to fly behind him trailing not too far but not too close, about 500m if possible.
The problem was there was only 5! people talking on NEST COMMS. That would not be near enough for what he had in mind.
For the shields of an Athanor are strong and birds taking flight for more than 30 minutes at a time our vulnerable to larger predators.
He had it! A great idea one of brillance! He had his 4 Bird Buddies start a CAW OF GLORY, pinging all birds from the nest to harden their steel and take flight.
30 birds answered the call and were dispatched from null-sec to this creepy gross space in low-security space and it was very clear the unclean gallente trash lived here.
The raw stank of the system immediately filled the senses of all fleet members it was overwhelming… What was this place with solar systems that no one can pronounce.
The birds were curious but I would not say excited to fly in this… lets just say “gallente” space and the rest can be implied.
There was one beacon of glory in the system. A CALDARI Infrastructure HUB. Thank god the birds explained at least some sign that birds could survive here.
It became clear that the Caldari Master Race were contesting this system and needed their help.
The birds flapped their steel wings for glory to the caldari empire and set out upon their mission.
Immediately a unanchoring athanor of a “gallente friendly” alliance was spotted and we knew what our destiny for the night was.
Grid loaded targets locked missiles loose, the birds unleashed their primal rage upon the athanors shields, rocking the athanor to its un-cored center.
The inside of the of the athanor began to shake, bolts coming loose, walkways giving way. Certainly not the integrity the Citadels had at time of release.
It was clear the time was starting to have an effect on these structures. The birds grew concerned that this shaky structure might just give way and explode on a shield timer.
As it happened the structure made it through the night its shields gone but still intact to live another day.
Just as the birds were starting to stretch their steel wings and hit max speed the excitement was over… or was it?
Another “gallente friendly” structure was spotted and fleet immediately entered a sub space warp wing formation and headed to destination.
This structure however looked a bit a newer in construction and even looked like it might have even had weapon on it at one point in its former glory.
Now that the birds were at their peak wing hardness the second structure started taking heavy damage immediately rattling to 50% shields in what seemed like one mighty blow from Master bird leader.
The formation however knew this wasnt possible, but still their admiration grew… how could one become a Master Bird Leader? Was it the killmarks on your wings or the isk in your nest?
A question for another time perhaps it was time to focus and finish off the structure, it was time that the gallente scum started to feel the sharp talons of the BIRDPIRE!
Master Bird Leader informed the fleet that it did not look like the flying snakes of the gallente would be able to form to hard us and we were to sharpen our talons for the next timer.
A waiting game, perfect exactly what a bird excels at. We perch for now and we wait. These snake structures can not stay invulnerable forever and we will be ready.

Today our enemy got a lesson in strategy: we split their fleet in half, shot the first half, and then wheeled around and shot the second half. A 99.5% efficiency massacre!

Battle Report Tool (evetools.org)

To top it off we deleted their Azbel:

Azbel | V.E.G.A. Inc. - Holding | Killmail | zKillboard

Still looking for brothers.

Still looking for brothers


Still doing that recruitment thing