Please Remake Someone Delete This

This post should be remade with current information, thanks.

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Still looking for members to murder people

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Rust is still looking for members. Join today to murder all the peeps.

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My ceo is a chuckle ■■■■ but I love him

Yes the salad man is a chuck ■■■■ and we love him.

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Still looking for more pilots to help conquer null sec :grin:

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Still looking for members.

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Another night another successful roam.

I have to bump this post or my corpmates will continue to bully me…
Who am I kidding, they’ll bully me regardless
10/10 corp, will continue to steer the murder train.

Just joined and these guys are great. Very welcoming and tons of ■■■■ to blow up. If you like small gang pvp this is the place for you. Been in a few corps but this one has the small gang tightness and community you hope to get.

Join and let’s find ■■■■ to reduce to scrap.

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Vlad likes to criticize my title but I’m keeping it…oh yeah and apply :smiley:

To clear up any confusion… Donvendonish, Vladamier was my Acting CEO when I made the comment, “My ceo is a chuckle ■■■■ but I love him”. I would never tarnish the name of the man who can never ■■■■ about the hookbill.

Still looking forward to having more members.

Near daily roaming gangs in USTZ and EUTZ

Nearly 100 in fleets when we max CTA the alliance

New bros in alliance corps that are taken care of properly so our guys don’t have to babysit bad corps.

Super competent and ambitious Alliance Director

Nothing to really not like if you want to get in on the ground floor of a growing group with loads of potential.

Another night another successful roaming fleet.

bumpety bump

Still looking for additional members to shoot the ■■■■ with.

Another day of home defense and shenanigans, with a little streamer salt mixed in.