71M SP Player looking for PVP corp. EU/USTZ

So it’s been 20 days since your original post, mind if I ask why you haven’t found anything yet? Are there particular things you are looking for that you’re not finding? I’m curious because in my experience people tend to find something pretty quick unless they are being very picky and trying to find that right fit, or there are other circumstances. Not going to bother tossing a link and the rest of the recruiting spiel, but rather just start up a conversation.

trynna find the fight the very right fit, basically

still looking…

@iStoleTheCodes hey dude,

I think we could have the right place for you, other than the security aspect but that is close enough anyhow. We have pipes to camp, reactive pvp due to a really good intel system, Blops and regular fights.

We use TS3 for comms and have uses for capital escalation, but some of our battles have (although rarely) gone into the 200+ on the grid.

I have been completely honest and transparent with the comments, I am not 100% on what you have listed but as a PVP enthusiasts of small to medium fleets I know there is fun to be had here. If you think its worth checking out drop by my communication platforms listed in my recruitment post here (at the bottom), if not happy hunting o7

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Well man, I’ll toss RKK’s name in the hat. Take a look at the post, hit me up on Discord if you have any questions or want to talk more. Finding the right fit is something that’s important man, I get it, I like to take my time. Reikoku [RKK] - [PHEW] - RC - 2003 PVP Corp Recruiting EU/US

HI Istolethecodes,

From your post i think MORTS and Winmatar alliance could be a good option.

We operate in venal and since you said you are looking into camping, this area is VERY active with mission runners we like to intercept and kill and if you want to fly solo thats is also fine.

below you can find some reason to why you should consider us an option

1, No structures bashing nor cta’s
2. No sov space to bother off.
3, No Sp/Exp requirements. Time will fix that for you:)
4, No api/seat ■■■■■■■■. We welcome spies to spy for us:)
5, No TiDI and anchor +F1
6. No blue donut (we want targets)
7, No corp tax. Yes, you read it right 0 % CORP TAX.

  • Make 500m/hr doing lvl4 guristas missions to fund your pvp
  • You will matter for us. Morts is a family and we take care of our own
  • Small/midsize pvp, up to 20 pilots. Your skills will actually matter this time
  • Fly what you want to fly and can afford to lose.
  • Very laidback game experience
  • Experienced FCs

Do you want to know more, join our discord and lets talk

Old recruitment video: Mortis angelus - eve online - YouTube
Killboard:Mortis Angelus | Corporation | zKillboard


MAYBE still looking.


Hello, We’re recruiting. We are part of PH and are a pretty awesome and laid back corp. Pretty much just follow alliance rules and have fun doing what you do.

Lots of PvP Here and you can do what you want, from skirmish to large scale pvp.

Hit me up if you are interested.


Hey man you would fit right in with us. Our fleets typically form around 2200 and roam around after that. We also mostly do small gang roams within PB and going towards the tribute area. Also because we live in the north we are mostly neutral to everyone around us. Feel free to reach out to me through in game chat or through our discord. I also linked our recruitment post below with more details.

to le top



Infernal Armada [R.MDA] is Recruiting New & Veteran Players for Low Sec/Null Sec PVP & Small Gang PvP Fleets
-Low Sec-
Hello, pilots, look at your corp, now back to me, now back at your corp, now back to me. Sadly, your corp isn’t me, but if your corp stopped doing highsec mining ops and switched to fleet-based Plex incentives, your corp could smell like it’s me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re in an arty Thrasher with the corp your corp could smell like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s an oyster with two filiments to that Trig pocket you love. Look again, the tickets are now plexed accounts. Anything is possible when your corp smells like Low-Sec PVP and not a lady. I’m in a Nag.

R.MDA is reforming after a 2-year hiatus. Former Legacy Coalition Veterans, R.MDA specializes in working with new players, returning players, bitter-vets, carebears, and EVE Echoes refugees to learn how to get the most out of EVE. We are a tight-knit group that focuses on building a culture of familial loyalty for friendships that last a lifetime.


We are looking for US, EU, and AU TZ players for low sec shenanigans. New players are welcome.

Contact Caurranus Decks or Bastion Ituin in game, join R.MDA Public during US TZ for more info, or submit your application here: https://eve-hr.com/rmda

What We Offer

—Corp and alliance fun fleets & roams

—Fleet participation incentives

—New-player friendly environment

—Real-life-comes-first perspective

—Extensive buyback programs

​—Corporate industry opportunities, market seeding, and projects

—Passive ISK earning opportunities including an extensive PI production program to fund your PVP

What We Require

—Mature, drama-free attitude

—Full ESI scopes

—Be active on Discord

—Voice comms for fleets

—Willing and able to train necessary doctrines



Hey dude would like to invite u on our discord for a chat


we are a low-sec corp US/AU tz members and some EU

Down Under Syndrome | Alliance | zKillboard

if you’re interested to know more about us, we would be happy to talk with you on our discord recruitment channel or public comms.

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