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If I don’t bump the recruitment post Vlad will feed Osprey Navy Issues

Come find your home away from the blue donut <3

Still looking for boys to dunk on randoms

Some of the highlights from the weekend. From roaming to home defense to strat ops. We do it all. Become a rusty boy and stop ship spinning.

Vlad’s a weeb


haha WEEB!


Vlad’s a weeb




Another fun evening of beating the crap out of anyone who wanders into our home:

Recruitment is still open, if you’re tired of inactive corps and alliances that dock up when people come in their space, join Rusted and Rejuvenated for a fresh change of pace.

We are still looking for members. Roaming out every night to fight people. If you are sick of the blue donut this is the place for you.

bumpage for a great corp

Weekend shenanigans afoot. Content to be had throughout the day whether it be roaming or home defense.

Bump There ok peeps i suppose

Still looking for members. Come shoot the ■■■■.

Come join the fun and get that zkill rep you been wanting! Great group, lots to do and great community. Join rusted and rejuvenated today.

We are still looking for people, come fly and enjoy the neutrality.

Never a dull moment here in pure blind:

Always looking for more pilots to join our killing spree!

The easiest way to get tons of kills is to bump the forum post with a battle report.
Here’s a full accounting of the fights we got tonight:

Tired of living in empty space and never getting any action? Joined Rusted and Rejuvenated!

Joined these guys recently, never a dull moment. Always something to do and something to shoot. If you’re after some very, very decent and fun content (and let’s be honest what else are you after?!) join now! I will give cookie!!

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Join us… small gang pvp with ppl who know what they’re doing.