[..DIK] Dickhead Corner are recruiting US/EU TZ PVP & Krab pilots!

We are a small, close knit group who have been flying together for years. As the name implies, we are just a bunch of dickheads, who laugh at everyone and everything with a ‘no holds-barred’ mentality. We specialize in Krabing, small gang PVP, and BLOPs. We are part of Razor alliance which is part of the FI.RE coalition. Within our group, we are active mainly in the US/EU time zones with a few night owls. The alliance and coalition operate in every time zone, so a lack of content is rarely an issue. Our area of operations include the following regions:

  • Detorid
  • Insmother
  • Wicked Creek
  • Scalding Pass
  • Feythabolis

Outside of our group, one can participate alliance military and mining ops. As well as coalition level block warfare and special ops groups. Accessibility to alliance & coalition ops vary depending on your standing and ability.

What we have to offer:

  • Quality Angel SOV for ratting & mining
  • High % buyback services
  • Null Sec ore & ice belts
  • Comprehensive industrial infrastructure
  • Corporate, alliance, & coalition level ops
  • Years of experience from every part of Null SOV

What we require:

  • 20,000,000 skill point minimum
  • Active at least 1 day a week
  • Self sufficient (outside of niche situations)
  • Able to use Teamspeak & Discord (required for comms)
  • At least 1 terrible joke when applying to the corp.

Contact one of our lovely recruiters below:

Askulf Ituin - (CEO & Certified Dickhead)
Undiscovered Signature - (CFO & partially insane)
Scolias Mabebu - (Recruiter & Certified Giga Chad)

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In-Game Channel

Dickhead Corner Pub

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