Discoverings - A friendly null-sec corporation, we mine, we rat, we PvP and we have fun!


(Mukk Spredda) #1

Discoverings is a Corporation in Goonswarm Federation (The biggest Alliance in Eve) that enjoys all facets of gameplay in Eve, from anom running, to ratting, exploration, mining, industry, PVP, large-scale warfare, roaming, small-gangs and more. Please do check out our website.

Our core principles are relaxed, fun, enjoyable and fair gameplay through all extents of the game where they create maximum enjoyment for all involved. Members lean towards ‘light and fun’ game styles where fun and laughter is more common than tears or frustration; but not always the case! We have both EU and US members but you can often find someone online through-out most of the day.

Facilities offered by the Corp include but are not limited to;

  • Relaxed, chilled gameplay
  • Teamwork towards a common goal whilst maximising individual aspirations
  • Friendly, relaxed and inclusive agenda within the Corp
  • Cool toys and stuff like Corp leaderboards, top rat killer, best marketeer, best ISK per Day, etc
  • Fleet supported and boosted mining operations; naturally!
  • Effective Corp Tax Rate to achieve our mutual goals
  • Solid Discord server setup keeping us all in touch both socially and functionally
  • Family Friendly and Real Life Friendly
  • Experienced and knowledgeable leadership team
  • Mandatory Discord use whilst a member
  • Above all else, be willing to make an effort with social interaction with the corporation
  • Our own Keepstar!

To apply to join please complete the membership registration by clicking Apply Today on our website, then fill out the application form and await further instructions from our team or swing by our Discord here to chat with us to learn more.

Please be aware because of the nature of null-sec and the fact as a corp we don’t have the facilities for a mentoring program at the moment, we look for a character to have a minimum of 15Mil Skill Points.

(Mukk Spredda) #2

So you’ve been in hi-sec for a while running L4s or chewing through asteroid belts but you are looking for a new challenge, null-sec is a great place to learn more of what EVE has to offer. Come and have a chat and see if Discoverings can help you further your goals towards a better experience of EVE.

(Mukk Spredda) #3

In Discoverings we often have corp based roams or ops. Last night we took out mallers and went for a wander, we got turned to space junk but got a few kills along the way and had great time doing so. We also have mining ops and ratting ops to help the corp and to chill sociably on comms.

(Mukk Spredda) #4

As a corp we like to come together and aim for corp goals, to which end we were the smallest corp within Goons to have built our own Keepstar. When I say small, we still have over 170 toons and alts in corp amounting to over 45 actual people, so there is usually someone around to chat with in Discord, in EU or US TZ or often the AUZ TZ.