Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly Conduct

We are a new PVP focused corporation who is just starting out and would like to invite you to be a part of this adventure. While we aren’t 100m sp players we will always try to have an engagement when the opportunity is presented.

We are recruiting pilots for all english speaking timezones in order to build a community and empire of like minded pilots

What we Offer:
Competent FCs for strategic ops
PVPing Lowsec 0.0 and W space
Frequent Weekly small/medium gang fleets
Training in all aspects of the game for those who need it
Tight-Knit Community
Ore/Ice buyback program
Open leadership

What We’re looking for -
Primarily USTZ, looking to spread into other timezones
No minimum SP requirements 5mil+ preferred (No Alpha Clones)
Full API required
Looking for PVP pilots, also looking to bolster our indy base
Involved/Proactive player-base

Goals -
Get more people
Continued small/mid size gang content
Have fun and grow

Join Channel DC.D Pub for more info

Have a few new dudes and still looking to gain more.

Still looking for fresh dudes to add to corp

Still wanting some new dudes.

Wanting to add more pvpers

Looking for more good dudes

Wanting to add more people to our corp

Recruitment is open again come join a new growing wh corp

Looking for more dudes

We’re still looking for fresh members to come pew with us

We are still bringing in new dudes

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