Distorted Domination is Recruiting

[-D.D.] Recruitment is OPEN!
-D.D. is a small corporation that will soon be in MOA. Our focus will be on alliance fleet participation. We are a group of people that work hard as a team to make goals and set new ones to keep us moving forward as a corporation.
-D.D. is the corporation for you if you wanna go where everybody knows your name.

What -D.D.offers:

  • Small corp feel and big Alliance/Coalition backing
  • Monthly corp goals and objectives
  • ORE, ICE, and PI buyback programs
  • An opportunity to finally get into a Capital ship
  • Null Sec opportunities: ratting, mining, exploration, and large fleet fights
  • Help getting into Alliance fleet comps

What -D.D. Requires:

  • No Skill point requirement
  • Trained to fly an interceptor
  • Communication on Discord and TS3

What -D.D. Expects of its members:

  • Fleet participation
  • Active on the forums
  • Go on Alliance Deployments
  • Have all required fleet comps that you can use at alliance stagings systems
  • INTEGRATE, with this corp and others in the alliance.
  • Willingness to learn how to be financially independent

If you would like to be useful and a part of something bigger Join -D.D. today.


  • Thor Isgard - CEO
  • Skuyou - Co-CEO

Join our discord recruit server: https://discord.gg/7KV5TZp

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