Divine Mortals - Ascend to greatness. (Nullsec QFC)

Divine Mortals is an active PvP/PvE/Indy oriented corporation within Divinity Alliance. Divinity is currently the oldest active alliance in the QFC.

We in Divinity believe that real life comes before all.
We have a minimum of 5mil sp requirement and new players welcomed. We welcome Alpha as well as Omega

We have a pool of experienced players from all aspects of Eve life and offer their knowledge to those who want it.

We specialize in:

  • Combat / PVP Training
  • Mining/Ratting/Exploration
  • Planetary Interaction (PI)
  • Manufacturing (T1/T2)
  • Keeping a friendly atmosphere
  • Existing & thriving in Null security space (Nullsec)

We ask for members to be on as much as possible, but as stated before - Real life comes first
If you are interested, please mail Alan Heir Alar ingame.

This is a great group of people ! :slight_smile:

Recruitment is still open <3

Recruitment is still open (:

Recruitment still open!

always looking!

recruitment is still open

Always looking!

Looking for new members!

Still open.

Open still!

Welcoming all!

Still open!

Open for recruitment!

Still open!

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