Django-esi - Django app for easy access to the ESI API and Eve SSO

Hey guys,

for everyone developing with Python and Django there is now a nice library available:


version python django

It’s a Django app based on Bravado, which adds these main functionalities to your Django site:

  • Dynamically generated client for interacting with public and private ESI endpoints
  • Support for adding EVE SSO to authenticate characters and retrieve tokens
  • Control over ESI endpoint versions

This library is one of the core component of Alliance Auth - a widely used auth system to help in-game organizations manage online service access. We have now removed all dependencies with Alliance Auth and are happy to share it with the dev community.

For details please check out the homepage of django-esi or join our Discord.



I can’t do a thing with it, but I’m always happy to see an open source eve project made available.

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Looks like a super strong addition to the Django space, will have to re-evaluate my EVE connector package :slight_smile:

We have around 7 Django packages related to EVE Online… maybe we should do a Django megathread?

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Sounds great. Then we should def. also include Alliance Auth, a Django based platform that many alliances use for managing access to external apps and services.

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