🐍 Django Technology Megathread

A megathread for all things Django related to EVE Online.


All packages below are Django applications that can be included in your project to help build EVE Online integrations.

The traditional way of including Django apps is adding them to INSTALLED_APPS, and then including their urls.py. See how to make reusable applications on the Django documentation.

Name Description
Django ESI Django application built for ESI functionality using Bravado
Django EVE Connector ESI & SSO support with character/corporation/alliance storing
Django EVE Entity Extensions Tasks & auditing extensions for additional ESI data models (journals, etc)
Django EVE Doctrine manager Doctrine & fitting support with skill checking
Django EVE timerboard Timers and timerboard support
Django Discord Connector API & SSO Support for Discord servers
Django Discourse Connector API & SSO Support for Discourse forums


Name Description
Krypted Community management platform for EVE Online
AllianceAuth Auth system for EVE to help in-game organizations manage online service access.

Including your Project

Just drop a reply with your GitHub link and it’ll get added.


You might want to also add your apps to this repo: https://github.com/devfleet/awesome-eve/

Thank you so much for doing this- I am a very junior Django/python dev (just starting out learning it, but been involved in tech since the 80’s) and I’ve been struggling with how to do the login management part of the app I want to develop (SP farm tracker). I really appreciate you putting this together.

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