[DMNA] Debitum Naturae - Get Tears, Money, More tears?

Public Channel: DMNA Recruitment

Looking for active pilots with experience!
10mil SP minimum

What we offer :

  • High End Sov Space In Delve
  • High SP Group
  • FC’S
  • Full SRP (including Caps & Supers)
  • Laid Back As ■■■■
  • Rat As much as you want
  • PVP Fleets Daily
  • Tear Generation
  • Part Of Goonswarm Federation

Do you enjoy any of the following?

  • Tears
  • Making people suffer
  • Ruining peoples dreams
  • Throwing sand in peoples eyes

Then you are a grade A shitler.

We like that.
Join Us


DMNA is an awesome corporation. I’ve just joined them a little over a month ago, and I’ve had a blast in it. People in the corporation are very friendly and helpful. I haven’t been playing the game for a long while, so of course, I’ve had quite a few questions, as so many things were brand new to me. Members of DMNA answered all of my questions and helped me get back on my feet. They are very friendly, and it’s a real pleasure to fly with them.

If you want a chill corp that is stationed in 0.0 systems, with the best Alliance in the game, and the most engaging, fun wars, be sure to apply to DMNA! We’ll be waiting for ya.

Fly dangerously,
and make others cry!

Inquire Within!

Another great day within DMNA. Don’t forget to join our recruitment channel!

Looking for a new home? I got a cot.

The Cyno is lit! Calling all active pilots looking for a nice home!

Fun to be had? YESS!!

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Mount Everest grows 0.1576 inches (about 4 millimeters) per year.

We are still open for recruitment and are looking for new members! Join us :slight_smile:

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Still searching for new people. Join our recruitment channel!

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