Does 15%tax matter?

For sake of comparison…it appears you can still make profit with factory planets even at 15%?

So is it a heavily saturated activity in Jita area already to produce at 15% tax base? I realize you can get below 10% NPC tax with skills.

But do you need 5% tax to be profitable?

I dont trust I’ve accounted for every cost.

15% Tax to remove planet materials from the planet is huge.

Look at the sell price of construction blocks for example or another item that can be produced from the same planet.

I think the sell price needs to be at 11,430 with a planet tax of 10% the last time I attended my planets.

Like even to put those blocks to use and craft a Sabre, the last time I checked was 67.12 to make and 68.28 to buy.

If we are talking about PI

it’s not 15% of market sale, it’s 15% of base price.
So when you produce an item and you sell it : your gain is actually soldprice*(1-(broker+stationtax)/100)-pocotax*baseprice.

if we look at construction block :
BO is 10.4k
after direct sell it’s 10.3 worth.
base price for P2 is 7.2k so 15% means -1k
=> you lose 10% of your benefit from doing this.

Now if you consider that you did not make that P2 but instead sold the P1, that makes you a net gain/loss of …? per cycle

There are lots of planets where you can get the highsec export tax down to 10% with customs code expertise skill at level 5. If you’re doing PI in highsec, that skill should be a priority. By comparison, you’ll normally pay 3%-4% export tax in Nullsec for much better planets. Some alliances will have some tax free terrestrial or barren planets available for use as factory planets.

I consume the PI I make in T2 production which significantly improves my margins for a modest investment in time. In highsec PI works best as a secondary or tertiary income stream.

When you show info on a high sec POCO, does the tax shown already take into consideration that NPC POCO skill or not?

Yes. The tax you see is the tax you pay.

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15% tax on a POCO is basically highway robbery.
Contact the corp that owns the POCOs and try to sort yourself a better deal. If that doesn’t work out for you, either find other planets with a less usurious tax rate or bash the POCOs and replace them with your own.

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