Don't be another number - be a Bergmann - Together we can build our home!

It’s been great so far. You won’t be dissapointed if you enjoy helping to build something great in games.

Update Day 76 - Up to 231 Members!
The weekend was pretty busy with 6 events going on (PvP, Invasions, Missions, Classes), also our recruiters are working overtime for the influx of new players since we split the corps!

Update Day 77 - Running in a small recruitment blockade as more people are applying than our recruiters can review. If you apply, please be a little patient! It can take up a day or two until you get accepted.
We’re already working to get more recruiters assigned to the job ASAP!

Update: Day 79 - Reached 250 Members today! Still have 12 applications outstanding but hired new recruiters for the job!

Update: Day 80 - Today, every Corp (Navy, Industry, Foundation) will have their own Corp meeting via Voice Chat and discuss topics like short- and long term goals, how they’ll work together with the other corps, how the corps have progressed so far and in the end, the leadership will hold a Q&A afterwards for those who have questions!

Update: Day 81 - Had the first corp meetings yesterday and reached up to 70 people in our internal chat as well as 57 people on Teamspeak (at the time of the meeting)!

Instead of screencapping the 70 mark I chose to do it on a much more meaningful number:

Update: Day 82 - Up to 274 Members!
We assigned two new recruiters so recruiting can continue on a normal pace. The usual waiting times for applications to be reviewed can reach up to 24h depending on the recruiter and applicants activity.
After finishing an application, please join our ingame channel “Bergmann Hub” to make recruiters aware of you. This makes it easier on both sides to fasten the process!

Update: Day 83 - Up to 282 Members!
New propaganda poster our member Alphaology made for us!

Update: Day 84: Close to 300 \o/
If Bergmann was a Cryptocurrency, I’d invest :nerd_face:


Update: Day 85 - As our current goal in our “corporate phase” is to prepare everyone for low-sec and harden our corp internal infrastructures, I’d like to do a special shoutout for people that are fleeing from Null-Sec due to the recent changes.
If you need a new home with unstoppable ambitions, fast growth, and want a community where your set of skills is relevant and needed, come and apply to our Empire and help to build your new home!

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Update: Day 87 - No matter if green or red, our killboard fills up daily due to low-sec roams and general pvp activity that we provide!
Almost daily PvP roams are given and if PvP is not your favorite thing, we also have up to 4 triglavian invasion fleets a week that make each individual a bunch of ISK while our miners can suck on Moon-Ore all day!

Update: Day 88 - 300 members here we go \o/

Update: Day 90 - Been working out Call To Arms drills for our guys in preparation for low-sec where our response time needs to be fast. Concept is fleshed out and those drills only needs to be launched without anyone expecting!

Let me shamelessly copy & paste a bump post our Industry Advisor recently wrote on our Industry recruitment page.
This was some great writing:

*Day 25.
Which P.O.C.O. are you?

Choose your path wisely. As we grow, we want you to be recognized by your skills and how you benefit the corp.

Choices are the following:::

Pugilist: Hostile encounter pilots.
Whether behind enemy lines or the front door of home. They are to show off their Dank skills and get them Kills. Don’t underestimate them, you might be their next target. -Navy

Opportunist: Average membership. They like to dabble in everything, pve, pvp, markets, building, etc. They enjoy sharing the riches and sacking the bitches, lol. They are everywhere, yet can’t seem to control them. -Foundation

Capitalist: Industry Guru.
The backbone in making dank isk. Dont have time for hostility, but have the bank to pay for protection. Covered under the Gaurd and krabbing it up. -Industry

Otters: Outsider traders.
They understand the logistics of the markets. Won’t see them in local, on fleet, or at your birthday party. Always has an opportunity for making isk. Secretive, informative, idealistic, and dangerous. But bank rolls in the big stuff. Alts pay their dues with isk. -Logistics n Trade

As always, participation in everything the Empire does is welcomed.

Thank you for choosing P.O.C.O.

This corp has helped me rekindle my love for eve. After being in nullsec constantly playing the political game its nice to be in a corp where gameplay is actually fun and exciting again!

The Empire has closed it’s recruitment for at least a month. We have grown a lot and want to concentrate on our existing members first!
From here on, recruitment will only open up in waves/seasons, so stay put for the next wave!

If you have applied before the closure (Monday 19th, 11:00 Eve Time), your application is still valid and will be reviewed!

Now that you have been defeated by the mighty CODE. alliance, I was wondering if perhaps you have reconsidered your previous refusal to purchase a mining permit. As you know, permits are required by law. No permit = No empire.


Most disappointing hilarious failure alliance of the year

good luck next time jon


Berg got nuked again?

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