Don't be another number - be a Bergmann - Together we can build our home!

The Empire has closed it’s recruitment for at least a month. We have grown a lot and want to concentrate on our existing members first!
From here on, recruitment will only open up in waves/seasons, so stay put for the next wave!

If you have applied before the closure (Monday 19th, 11:00 Eve Time), your application is still valid and will be reviewed!

Recruitment closed. Will be opened up again eventually

The Bergmann Empire

… is an alliance created with a clear structure that’ll allow almost every kind of playstyle to be played the way it’s supposed to be. We don’t want to become a Null-Sec alliance that robs their members fun and converts it into work, CTA’s and ultimately make them into F1-Monkeys.

Instead we want to work our way into Low-Sec, the region of the free-man!
but hol’ up.

Its rewind time! :telescope:

A bit of background: Some of you might’ve heard from the “Bergmann Federation” back in 2015 when we launched our propaganda Videos.

Back then we had a similar idea in mind. Building an “Empire” from scratch - though back then we build a Federation.

How did we do that?
The plan we had was unique - Instead of forming an Alliance from multiple already existing corporations - we pre-founded all corporations in the alliance and hired people looking for corporations to join or recruited whole corporations and merged them into ours.

But… why?
It was an experiment at the time. Honestly, I was worried sick that it won’t turn out the way it would, but it worked out perfectly in the end. The key: Creating unity.
We were all part of something greater. With a goal in mind we are all performing under one name: Bergmann.

Bergmann Foundation
Bergmann Navy
Bergmann Industries
Bergmann Kingsguard

Everyone started in the Bergmann Foundation and after a period of time, when people were able to proof themselves enough, they were able to be promoted in one of the designated corporations. The Navy was our PvP Corp, protecting the new and inexperienced. Creating Fleet/PvP content.
Bergmann Industries our Mining & Manufacturing corp. The backbone of our operations.
Last but not least the Bergmann Kingsguard. The corporation for the best of our PvPers and Capital pilots.

Again we strive to make this concept work. Multiple corporations each with their own structure and roles working together hand in hand in the name of Bergmann.

How did that previously work out?
Not gonna lie, the old Federation grew rapidly, after only 5 months we reached peak numbers with over 300 members thanks to our propaganda and the idea behind it.

But, of course I wouldn’t create this recruitment post if everything went super duper flawlessly.
TLDR: The Leadership eventually got split due to disputes and disagreements. What followed was backstab from the Co-Leader which pushed the whole alliance into chaos.
The Bergmann Federation fell.

Now, 4 years later it burns in me. The vision I had fell apart but what if… it went differently? What if we had a different Leadership, a different way of handling things. What if we avoid the mistakes we did and learn from our past. What if we form not a Federation but… an Empire?

This is what I’m trying to accomplish now and what this recruitment post is about.
I am starting from scratch with the same idea that worked before and avoiding the things that didn’t.

The Empire’s Foundation

As we’re in the foundation phase we need people now more than ever to head out with us on this endeavor. We’re starting in High Sec and will be there until we’re ready to make the move to low. We’ll train our members and make them ready for war - as we highly doubt we’ll just get accepted in low-sec. We will need to fight for it.
We need miners and manufacturers, carebears and cutthroats. We need people of all playstyles who work together for a common goal: Building an infrastructure in Low Sec and becoming the economical and military supremacy of a region.

Like back in the days we want to create strength in unity. We don’t need you as a simple asset or cannon fodder. We need you as a valuable member of the empire that we’re building.
There are Leadership- and non-leadership roles to assign, belts to mine, wars to be fought and people to be taught.

What we offer

  • PvP Roams
  • PvP Training
  • Mining OPs
  • Manufacturing
  • Cheap Refining
  • Roles and jobs within the Empire
  • High profit Invasion fleets
  • Abyssal Runs
  • PvE / Mission running

Examples of what we’ll do differently this time:

  • Slower pace. We won’t rush anything no matter how fast we grow. We’ll make sure every member is ready for the next big step like moving to low-sec.
  • Clear Goals. Last time we had some ideas what we wanted to do but weren’t exactly sure. This time we have a roadmap laid out for different phases of growth that we’ll follow.
  • Leadership Structure. The leadership is clearly structured this time. In the Federation it was kinda loose. Now, CEOs become Council Members, Council Members can assign Advisors.
  • Roles & Jobs. Every member can be assigned a job in the Empire. We got over 20 roles and jobs to offer members in things they’re good at. We’re not forcing things to do on everyone but let anyone who want to apply for those to help out where they can.
  • Content creation. Those just explained jobs/roles will create content. We have Fleet Commander who take out Fleets for PvP, PvP-Trainers, Mining Foremans, Industry Supervisors, PvE-Commanders and the list goes on. Every one of them creates content in their own field.
  • Education Everyone should know what they’re getting into. Back then we didn’t know ourselves so people were generally unprepared for when changes came. “Will we go to null or low or what?”
    As we have a roadmap and clear goals this time, everyone who joins will be aware of what they’re getting into.
  • English only. The Federation was multilingual split between german and english. 70% german I’d say. This is no more, we will all speak english now, without exceptions.

Become not just a member - become the foundation of an Empire and be part of something great.

What now?
The Empire has closed it’s recruitment for at least a month. We have grown a lot and want to concentrate on our existing members first!
From here on, recruitment will only open up in waves/seasons, so stay put for the next wave!

If you have applied before the closure (Monday 19th, 11:00 Eve Time), your application is still valid and will be reviewed!

Best regards,
Jonathan Bergmann


Yay bergmann are back :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to camp you guys a whille back, your propaganda is great.

+1 these guys, actually quite fun


Thanks Quinlin, appreciate it!

Recruitment day two! Four people joined on day one, lets double that today!

Recruitment day three! Come to our ingame channel: “Bergmann Hub” and have a chat!

Recruitment day four! 17 chars, 12 real players and two outstanding so far!

Recruitment day five! 23 chars, 19 real players so far!
Our mining wing is the first one to be established. Got Orca boost and occasional access to some moons near our operating base in high. Preperatings for PvP Training and fleets is also in the making.
Join it on the fun!

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Recruitment day six! 27 chars, 23 real players and one more to join soon!

Recruitment day seven! 31 chars, 26 real players!

+1 Just signed up ready for good times, and dank memes.

Day eight! Recruited 34 people so far, hope to grow even more this week!
Alliance creation will happen soon!

Day nine, up to 36 members with two outstanding! We finally hosted a TS3 Server (besides our Discord) and ready to rock it!

Update: Day ten, closing up on 40 members and our alliance creation was done yesterday! At around 21:30 Eve Time today we’ll officially have formed the Bergmann Empire!

Update: Day eleven, 42 members with one outstanding! We’re now officially the Bergmann Empire as the alliance was created and the dedicated corps added!

Update: Day 12, up to 47 members now!

Update: Day 13, Closing in on 50 members now - the first step of creating a leadership was done by forming a small council!

Update: Day 14, Up to 51 members with two standing out! Mining/Inudstry is being done on a daily basis with Orca support and we have small fleets forming, venturing into low-sec!

Day 17, up to 60 members!
Had our first PvP Training and low-sec roam with 15 Fleet members! We had a lot of fun and planning to do that more often from now on!

Update : Day 18, up to 61 members, two outstanding. I also redid our recruitment page here!
We had our first PvP-Training yesterday and are flying Frig Abyssal Sites or missions quite regularly by now. PvP Roams should also accrue more often from now on!
Besides that, our industry is booming and always active!

Update: Day 19, up to 63 members, still two outstanding!

Update: Day 20, invasion kept us busy and had some fun there!