Looking for a new home


—General Information—

-I was a recruiter for the Bergmann Empire for about 3 months; so I did a lot of behind the scenes work with them, and have no problems dealing with personnel problems

-I have ~300 hours of in game time, not including a separate account I played on when I was younger.

-Led smaller mining expeditions of about 5-15 people at a time.

-2 accounts both spec’d for industry with omega

-Orca and Ice ready

-Currently at 4.8 million skill points on my main, mostly spec’d into industry

-3 Trig world arc kills with old corp

-PvP roam experience

-Currently held up in Dodixie and Azer.

–A little about me and my time in EVE—

I’m a returning player from the states. I stopped playing a couple months ago when my old corp, the Bergmann Empire dissolved. I was with that group for a while, and watched them grow very fast. They eventually invited me to start recruiting, and I did that for probably 3 months. Eventually the size of our corp outgrew its home in highsec, and we decided to move into losec, this would be the beginning of our end. Our move to losec was a long one, almost a month of planning, scouting and communicating with potential neighbors. A week later we lost our leader, and then the next, and we slowly fell apart.

Slowly the bergs all left, one by one they went to new corps. The remainders tried salvaging what remained but it was far too far gone, we had all rallied behind a leader what we trusted, and without him it wasn’t the same.

I stopped playing shortly after.

—Misc and real world info—
-Generally my play time is between 6-10 MST,
-My mains name is “Kade Lemont” and my alt is “Kade Lackie”
-I’m 22 years old
-Discord and Teamspeak are both fine, as I have experience admining for both.

I am returning to EVE after a 2-3 month break, It may take some time to get readjusted
I’ve been getting the itch to come back and make new experiences and friends though.

—Contact Info—
-Reply to this, or send me a DM on discord “Damian#6803”
-messaging me in game is also fine @ Kade Lemont

If there is anything else you want to know, I’m an open book!

If there’s any bergs out there, fly safe o7

Hello, were a new industial corp starting we would love to have u aboard with us were mainly UStz trying to expand to EU if u want to apply just join our recruitment channel: Renegades-Rec

Definately want to try to recruit you but I usually only send evemail. Ive already signed out of the game so here is my 1/2 attempt before I walk my dog and go to bed, Null Sec Corp Looking for More Loose Screws - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

I Don’t have any experience in Null, would you all be willing to teach me the ins and outs?

Merry Christmas by the way!

we are in high sec super easy to get into come to Renegades-Rec channel and talk to us

Yes we get new null people all the time

Any interest in wormholes?

We live in one that has exits to c3 (soloable in bs/t3…) and highsec. There is no requirement to live in the wh and some of our players often use the hs to daytrip and mine hs… explore wh space or look for pvp… some live in npc null… others wll… its chilled but mostly eu.

Any chance you would be interested in recruiting for us tz? not heavily… just in a chilled manner :slight_smile:

Greetings, We are looking for more players like you. We have established industry with great opportunities. We operate in NPC Null sec so you don’t need to worry about your stuff being lost.

We also have daily roams if you want to change it up, good people and great to learn from. We can provide you with the support you need. Please contact me in game or feel free to join GRIMM PUBLIC


:question: :exclamation:
Would you be interested in or consider roleplay?

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