Don't be another number - be a Bergmann - Together we can build our home!

Update: Day 21, up to 67 members and had a relatively unsuccessful roam into invasion space today :smiley: But we got 12 people together in short notice which was amazing!

Update: Day 22, up to 71 members, assigned the first soon-to-be-CEO for our Industry corp and about to have a Industry meeting this Saturday!

Jonathon, where could I email you?

Update : Day 23, up to 75 members, finished the logo designs for all the Bergmann Corporations

Update: Day 24, up to 77 members. Currently building up our internal infrastructure by letting people apply to important roles and positions within the Empire.

Update Day 25, up to 78 members. Had our first industry meeting yesterday. We have access to a refinery with only 2% tax and other structures we can manufacture and invent in. Officially set up our Ore-Buyback program and had our first Freighter run to sell of the Ore that we made over the past couple of weeks. The industry is booming!

78 members… you will need to pay 780 million isk for your mining permits.

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Appreciate the free threat-bump
Update Day 27, up to 80 members!


Update Day 28: Up to 81 members, next PvP Training planned for this saturday!

Bunch of fun with wonderful people. Come get in on the ground floor!

i would like to join

Update Day 30: Up to 87 members, ordered a new batch of ships today to give out for our PvP Training tomorrow!

Hi, I am looking for a good home. I luv mining/indy. I would like to be better at pvp, so still working on that. Anyway lov to here from you.

Katrina :smiley_cat:

oh btw my in game name is Catrinna.

Update Just finished our todays PvP Training with 22 participants!
Today marks our first official month as a corporation, we’re up to 92 members!

Update Day 32 and up to 99 members today! Become the 100ths today! :smiley:

what do i get for being the 100th member?

Just the opportunity I was looking for, a cutthroat role!

Update: Day 33 - Up to 101 members today, two more to come. Our new propaganda video is in it’s final steps to become finished. Release will probably still take a bit.

Update: Day 34 - up to 109 members! Propaganda video was finished today and will be released this weekend. We want to make sure to get enough recruiters ready for their job before the video drops!

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