Don't be another number - be a Bergmann - Together we can build our home!

Great group, friendly bump.

Update: Day 35 - up to 114 members. Released our Roadmap today which gives members a lot to look forward and plan to. Structure is one of our keys to success!

Update: Day 36 - up to 115 members. Our first propaganda spot will be released tomorrow!

Enjoying reading your updates. Find your vision fascinating.

Wish your people great success.

Bump up there

Update: Day 37 Up to 118 Members - Our propaganda video released today!

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Great video! I would like to join

Update: Day 38, up to 125 members. Propaganda video yielded some results already. Also added a “What we do differently from last time” section to this recruitment threat, as this question popped up.

As a side-note: Please apply to us Ingame (as described in our thread) - not here on the forum. That makes it easier for all of us!

How many alts can I put in the corp?

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Update: Day 40, up to 134 members! We updated our whole recruitment process to function over Discord now. More information up above in the actual thread!

Update: Day 41, up to 135 members! As our recruitment process has changed to be on Discord now, we also set up a public channel on our Discord for everyone to have a chat with us!

Update: Day 43, up to 137 members!
PvE Ops against Triglavians, Wormhole expeditions or simple mission running evenings are becoming more of a regular thing now! Our top Fleet Commander is currently training up five FC-Trainees and our Industry is also on the brink of populating their own Bergmann Corporation. Give it a week or two and they’re ready to go!

Update: Day 44, up to 141 members!
Testing the new recruitment process over Discord has been a huge success so we’ll keep it on!
Apply now or have a chat with us on our discord:

Kinda creepy and cultish to name your “empire” after yourself but goodluck anyhow :+1:

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Update: Day 45, seems like we’re about to break new all-time high corp chat activity! Might hit 40 people online at the same time today!

Nice fellows, good communication.

Update: Day 46, up to 148 members!
Busy day today. Our industry guys seem ready to make the split into the dedicated Industry corporation, though we’ll wait until the Navy and Intelligence is as well. A leadership slowly comes together!

Update: Day 47, up to 150 members!
Typical monday, not much to tell :smiley:

Update: Day 48, up to 151 members!
Tons of invasion fleets going on with us lately!

You got me with that propaganda video! I will be applying this week