We build our home, to build our future - The Bergmann Imperial Industry

The Bergmann Imperial Industry

… is the main industrial division of the Bergmann Empire.

The Industry focuses on mining, inventing and manufacturing.
All members are under protection of the Bergmann Imperial Navy and the Bergmann Imperial Guard, two corporations dedicated to protect all members of the Empire.
The Industry has plenty of experienced industrialists, Orca boosts and access to a large amount of blueprints. In addition to that, all Industry members are being encouraged to participate in PvP operations of the Navy to learn to protect themselves.

Being part of the Bergmann Empire

… allows members of the Industry to participate in any other activities that other Bergmann Corporations offer as well.
This includes PvP Roams and Trainings, stealth operations, trade, hauling or gaining a position of a higher rank in any of the Empires many roles and jobs.

These positions are one of the key elements of the Empire. Every member has the opportunity to pick a job and work their way up in within the ranks of the Empire.
If shown enough goodwill, dedication and performance, an industrialist can become a valuable asset for the Empire.

The Industry offers:

  • Access to multiple moons and refineries for low tax
  • Access to Citadels and Industrial Complexes to invest and manufacture
  • Orca Boosts
  • Frequent Mining Ops
  • Organized Leadership
  • Protection and Security through our Navy
  • PvP Training
  • Every other activity offered within the Bergmann Empire.

Present and the future

As of now, the Industry stages in High-Sec together with the rest of the Bergmann Empire. Future plan holds to conquer a constellation in Low-Sec and building up a thriving economy and infrastructure for the Empire. As the Alliance as a whole experienced rapid growth (170 members in two months), the Empire recently was able to enter phase two of their roadmap which split the Foundation corp into dedicated Corporations, including the Industry. This was the first big milestone the Empire reached.
The third- and next phase will concentrate on finding and securing a low-sec constellation.

Enlist now - The Empire awaits you!

Join our Public Channel: Bergmann Hub
Apply on our Discord: https://discord.gg/uArMfMW


The recruitment process works over the Bergmann Imperial Foundation.
Every new member of the Bergmann Empire will start in the Foundation corporation and stay there for at least a month and until they have shown enough dedication and motivation to move up to one of the dedicated corporations. (Exceptions can be discussed with the Industry leadership directly.)
Nonetheless, being part of the Foundation will still give you access to all activities the Empire offers, including operations of our Industry.

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Day 1.- The split has officially commenced, and everything has went accordingly to plan. Members of the leadership have been chosen, and their seats on the Council claimed. At this time we have taken 22 pilots into the industry. As these numbers grow, we will look for other jobs to be filled, and build a better structure.

Day 2-
Moving forward, delegate candidates, accepting applications, and making isk. All in a day’s work, for the Industry. Come be part of the family, there is plenty of room!

Day 3-
Put some Orcas in the oven and will bake them until they come out crisp.
Don’t lose out on our moon-ore and join the fun!

Day 4.
Our Industry Corp is currently up to 33 members. Growing at a good rate with members slowly transferring from the Foundation corp to the Navy or the Industry. With the new Enormous collection of BPO’s, we see the future of the Industry, as being really busy. Researching, Copying, and Invention, will be the focus for the next few weeks.
So join Today, and get in on the ground floor, the only way left is up!

Day 5.
Working together to build a great future with in Eve, might seem like a struggle. Unless you have a family to back you up. That is what we are all about, the connection we have as a family. We help each other in every way possible, to grow and enjoy your time with us. So why not join us today, and be a part of something more than just a corporation, be part of the family!

Day 6.
We are up to 35 members now. Currently collecting lots of materials through our buyback program. Members seem to enjoy the fact they can sell directly to us and it benefits the Industry. Instantly paid buy contracts are becoming the new hype in the corp. No more waiting for contracts to be accepted and paid out. If you are still looking for a corp to join, come give us a shout. We are happy to see where you might fit in!

Interested to learn more about your group.

Day. 8

Today I would like to let everyone know my position in the Corp. I hold the role of Adviser, and I am glad to be part of this experience. My job is to advise the leadership of potential ways to be more productive, ways to increase profits, ways to decrease taxes, items to align our goals, and etc. With this position, a lot of time, it is mistaken that I might be the brains of the Corp. I promise you all this is not it, I merely am the storm within the Leadership Brains. On a side note, we have new goals going forth today and we have started a Logistic Service with in the alliance. So all in all, things are going good. Remember to check out the Bergmann Pub channel for recruitment information.

If you like chewing on roids, ice, or moon mining this is the place for you. If you like manufacturing get in during the ramp up. You won’t be dissapointed.

Launched our official Logistic program yesterday and are providing this service for all our alliance members through High-Sec!

Day 10.

It has become official, the agreement between the Navy and the Industry, is approved. We will be hiring Line members to produce the ships needed for the navy. This is a big success for the industry, as we can manage our production on a larger scale. We are still waiting for our foundation members to meet the time requirements before we bring more active members in. Once the Navy orders ships for fleet, a line member will be given the opportunity to build the order and reap the rewards!

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Day 11.

Thanks to the last 7 days of free skill points and accel boosters, some of our pilots was able to train in to ships needed for up and coming fleets. Just want to take a moment to thank CCP for the Skill points. As a bonus to our Industry corp being the backbone to the Navy, our industrialist will now be training into Logi and E-war ships to help support in defense fleets. Why not Help protect our home with our boys, that protect us in our home!

Wish I could make as good bumps as our advisor does but I can tell you, lots of rocks were mined this week!
At least one moon pops every day and rumors say our barges even have to overheat those mining lasers to keep up with the moon-ore thrown at us.

Old Bergmann Federation spot:

Lets call this Day 16.
So we have been extremely busy lately. Some of us in Eve and some in Real life. As most corps in Eve, Real life comes first in our corp/alliance. Saturday prime time for the Bergmann family, we hit 70+ members online at once. That’s 30 more than that time last month. Anyways, the Industry corp is still growing, and we are choosing some new members to fill in our leadership gaps. So if you have the experience and knowledge we need, please come check out the Bergmann Pub channel or reach out to us in Discord.

When I first started with Bergmann, I was a returning player with very little to show from my time playing eve as an Alpha. How quickly that was to change. I went Omega about a week after joining and was soon into some serious moon mining, in a Venture. I got my first barge from the Corp when my skills improved and I’ve been pounding moon rocks eversince.

I now fly for Bergmann Industry and have multiple barges set for Ice, Ore and Moon Goop. In a little over a week I’ll be piloting my first Exhumer. With our prime location, fantastic facilities and access to moons every day, I’m like a kid in a candy shop.

All of the above would not have been possible without the incredible support and friendship shown by the folks at Bergmann. Always willing to answer my dumb questions on eve as well as any other topic that crops up. From my first unsure steps to where I am now, all in under 2 months. I never thought it would have been possible, it’s nice to be proved wrong somtimes. I thought I was joining a corp but I’ve found my digital family.

The Bergmann Empire - Many eyes, one vision


Just gonna say that this is one of the most tanked mining fleets I’ve seen in a while :smiley:

Update Day 20…
We are still looking for that special someone for open positions in the corp. We know you are out there, and are looking for a new home. Another Orca just went into the oven recently, and will be sold in a few days. The first one sold really fast to a lucky corp member, who now uses it for boosting mining fleets. The is what we encourage everyone in the Empire to do, work with each other, help one another, and give advise. We also have some major ops coming up in the future, as we continue to grow, they look to be more steady. As always, join the Bergmann hub to find out how you can be part of this future!

Day 23.
Wow what a day we had yesterday. Celebration Shot.

SO we had our First 24 hr mining OP yesterday, What a fleet it was. I seen at one point 31 members in a system chewing away at ice. we Had up to 7 orcas and 2 haulers with a load of procs and skiffs tearing the fields up.

We hit a total of 6 systems over and over. We was even brought up in the Ice channel, about where we came from and why was we tearing up the Ice like this. LOL I enjoyed seeing that. This showed me that when we work together as an Empire, we will be a force to be Known.

There was a couple of troubled systems with bumpers. First time was a solo dude, going after the freighter at the ending of the field. Jon was able to come in and web us out. Thanks Jon.
Second we warped in on a mining op of same magnitude as ours. They did not like that, As they had purchased a SO CALLED PERMIT to mine there. HAHAHA, So they had an ONI bumping our members out of the ice field. But of course i am stubborn A-O and gave the command to take all the skiff/proc and orbit the ice at 500m and props on. We also jet canned and dropped an MTU to gather the can in one spot. Then we took turns warping in orcas and freighters to collect the ice before we got bumped away from the field again. Again Jon came to the rescue at chased the little dude around while laughing at us for Ninja mining the field the PAID FOR MINING fleet. The had me smiling from ear to ear.

We had many fleet managers and boosters, haulers, and miners helping with this important op.
We even had 2 Raffles for ship provided by Indy Member, and some skins given away.

At the end om my time in the op, we had mined 11,105 compressed blocks of blue ice, est. price of 2.5 bill. Still waiting on Met’s delivery from the last 7 hrs of the op.

So I believe we should be close to 3 bill total.
Our Goal was 2 bill in ice. So thank you all for helping the Indy surpass the mild stone.

“Great things can be accomplish with Friends like you”

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Day 25.
Which P.O.C.O. are you???

Choose your path wisely. As we grow, we want you to be recognized by your skills and how you benefit the corp.

Choices are the following:::

Pugilist: Hostile encounter pilots.
Whether behind enemy lines or the front door of home. They are to show off their Dank skills and get them Kills. Don’t underestimate them, you might be their next target. -Navy

Opportunist: Average membership. They like to dabble in everything, pve, pvp, markets, building, etc. They enjoy sharing the riches and sacking the bitches, lol. They are everywhere, yet can’t seem to control them. -Foundation

Capitalist: Industry Guru.
The backbone in making dank isk. Dont have time for hostility, but have the bank to pay for protection. Covered under the Gaurd and krabbing it up. -Industry

Otters: Outsider traders.
They understand the logistics of the markets. Won’t see them in local, on fleet, or at your birthday party. Always has an opportunity for making isk. Secretive, informative, idealistic, and dangerous. But bank rolls in the big stuff. Alts pay their dues with isk. -Logistics n Trade

As always, participation in everything the Empire does is welcomed.

Thank you for choosing P.O.C.O.!!!