We build our home, to build our future - The Bergmann Imperial Industry

Day (1770).
I sit here in my ship, thinking back to when we was a small speck in the New Eden systems of high sec. I watch a group of miners in the ice belt chew through icebergs like they are nothing. They know I am here, somewhere, watching over them. The systems we control now have been quiet for a while, but we never know when a solo pilot, or fleet, we come through and try something. We don’t worry though, we all have grown to expect the worst. Just can’t let trouble stop us from doing what needs to be done. New ships and mods need to be made. Ice and PI needs to be collected. Moons need to be Harvested, and cycled.
So much to do, with so little time to do it in, it feels like. The stagnation some days, makes us a little antsy . So our troops go out looking for fights, while the guard stands by on watch. Every member of the Indy knows it was them, that helped put the guard in space and rounds in the enemy’s face.

Today: You too can be part of this future, You too can make a difference, You too Can be a Bergmann.

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