[DOPLR] Become A Wormhole Savage: C2 Corp Recruiting - Join Dependent On Pilots Today!


When we decided to go on this recruitment drive, I thought…'We might find some good people out there that are looking for similar experiences in EVE." The caliber of players that we have received in the last twenty day or so days have been fantastic. All levels of SP and in game experience are welcome.

BECOME a better pilot today, you will not regret it… :sunglasses:!

o7 A :mage: at creating EVE content

Very interested alpha here!
Re-starting eve after tried and bored to live in highsec, back in -08.
Wormholes sound soooo intresting, did not know some corps accept newbie alphas too!

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Absolutely, we love our Alpha’s as they can learn a bunch inside crazy space. Stay in our Discord Public Channel, until we can actually chit chat in game or hopefully in coms at some point.

Thank you for your interest and post to our Recruitment Board!


Bump, debump, debump…

We are looking for ALL types of pilots because frankly we can help you no matter what your background. Don’t hesitate to pull that trigger and come see what we are about.


Hello fellow EVE players. We are having a blast with all our new recruits and they seem to fit nicely within our mission statement…BRINGING better EVE content.

Don’t be left out, stop by and see what all the fuss is about…



WHSOC - Jump to be Known

Just drifting in to give my seal of approval… All the guys in DOPLR that I have had the chance to fly with have been great. They are a strong diverse group of pilots with a varying levels of experience. They quite accurately follow their mission statement of bringing better EVE content. I would give these guys a serious look if you are looking for a great corp to fly with.

See you in space Glaser!

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Thanks Jeep, we couldnt do it without our great player base!


Hello! I’m looking for a Wormholing corp to join. I don’t think I’m a complete noob, but I’m certainly not a very experienced player. I would like to apply to join.

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Hello !
You’ve invited me to check you out and I replied that I would consider once the event is closed.
I made up my mind and would be glad to receive an invitation to your corp :smiley:

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Sorry for the delay, I sent you a private message in Discord. Thank you so much for checking us out!


Hello Birk Ernaga,

Thank you for stopping by and look forward to working with you in Discord & in space!

Will this be the character that will apply or is this a Forums Alt?


I don’t have forum alts, so I will apply with it ^^

Sounds awesome. I am currently at work ( IRL ) but will be on later today. Join this channel in game

The Doppler Effect Pub Crawl and there might be a recruiter online now.


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