Draclira's EMP SB | BPO's

Drac EMP SB located in Jita 4-4 17B [SOLD]
Standup Ametat BPO ME9 Rens 6-8
Standup Einherji BPO ME9 Rens 6-8
Capital Drone Bay BPO ME8 TE8 In Asset Safety | Available Soon
Abyssal 50mn MWD 50mn
X-Large Abyssal Shield Booster xsb

Make an offer for the Abyssals


ISK for Item No trades.

15b for the smartbomb?

16 and it’s yours

Cant do 16 but I can do 15.5b. If that works put up a contract.

Contract up for 15.5B

Accepted, ty.

To the top!

Everything that hasn’t been sold is still available!

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