Draclira's Modified Cap Recharger

Draclira’s Modified Cap Recharger
Location: Jita
Price: b/o 9.5B

Bump still there

30B :slight_smile:

thanks for the kind offer :slight_smile:
Push to the Top

Bump - still available

Bump - added a new Mod

EANM sold

Bump - take the Cap Recharger out of my hand

still available :slight_smile:

still got this caprecharger - taking offers

you still didnt got this?

still waiting for offers - 9.5 Ingame Bid received, just a bit more and i might let it go

“Your capacitor is empty” - a terrible sound!

Avoid this - NOW!

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bump still

10B - 24h from now!

up it goes

still here - taking offers



Still there - 9.5 is a good price - close to 2B below last sell