Draupnir Harvesting Collective [No taxes, Minmatar only]

Draupnir in our organization’s name refers to the ring of the god Odin from Nordic myths. The magic of the ring manifested every nine nights, creating eight identical copies of itself. This extraordinary ability made Draupnir a source of endless wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

We are a collective of independent traders, entrepreneurs, miners, and scavengers. We have united to support the Minmatar Republic and its wartime effort to liberate the entire Matari people from slavery.

If the blood of Matari ancestors flows in your veins and it boils with anger against the oppressors of our people, join us today!

  • We already have 10 members.
  • We still do not collect taxes!
  • We have opened a new office in Ryddinjorn, where a free ore processing center is operated for ores collected in hi-sec (max skills). The service is free for our members.
  • We are currently building our mining barges to increase mining efficiency.
  • Half of the members who already have an Omega account operate on mining barges.
  • We have achieved self-sufficiency through the production of our own mining equipment.

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