DRINK | PLEX | WELP | REPEAT - Dirt 'n' Glitter, Amarr's premier Faction Warfare mistake


Did you know Dirt n’Glitter is recruiting?

Who the hell are you people and why is local exploding?
We are a PVP orientated corporation fighting for the glory of the Amarr Empire Kesha in faction warfare with zero regard for our own safety, mental wellbeing or livers.

What we can offer:

- Nightly Plexing fleets  
- Good Community   
- Discord & Teamspeak for communications  
- Dank Memes and over 30000000 Pepe emojis  
- Newbro Friendly  
- Free Newbro Ships  
- The privilege to serve under our lord saviour and goddess kesha  
- Doctrines and free basic ships provided    
- Fleets under the seasoned and hungover Tristan DaCuhna in EUTZ    
- Regular welps with our great leader Mikal Vektor in NATZ    
- “Help” with your drinking problem or help with getting one    

What we’re looking for:

There are no strict requirements for joining, and even the most minimum will be waived for those with a pulse. We accept Minmatar deserters after a strict interview or if you’re really hot.

Apply at seat.localisprimary.com , and stop by our ingame channel dirtnglitter or join our discord



Ken Moen approves of this corporation.

Approve & recommend

Pineapple belongs on pizza
and “|” belongs on “S”, in Ke$ha’s name

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