Dropping Corp to move a character to a new account

I have 2 characters in my Corp on the same account. I’ve just begun to be able to afford the 2nd account so I left corp (As required for this.) and payed the transfer cost (Character transfer should be complete later today.)

Can the 7 day wait before re-joining my corp be petitioned as its a requirement of the character transfer?

You should be able to rejoin instantly unless you left while the corp was at war. If the corp is at war, a petition may work given the circumstances - costs nothing to ask!

Given that you are in Brave Newbies and probably at war, the 7-day wait is intended. I would expect you will have to wait it out.

That said, the only way to find out if CCP will grant your petition is to make a petition and ask them. They may decide to wave that rule in your case, since your situation really isn’t the behaviour they are trying to discourage with the 7-day cool down while at war rule. Don’t be afraid to ask, as the GMs are very nice and the worst they can say is no.

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