Dutch / English laid back null sec corp

Join us in riches in null sec.
Black Scorpion Society is currently recruiting miners and pvp-ers to null sec in Catch.
We are relaxed corporation and welcome new members.

★ Roaming fleets
★ Corp buy back program 90% est.price
★ Minimum Skillpoints 5mil
★ Discord comms
★ Tax 7,5%
★ Mining boost
★ Dutch & English comms
★ EU tz corporation/International alliance
★ Full SeAT and omega account required
★ Minimum age requirement: 18+

We also do high tech manufacturing,join pvp fleets,combat sites,relic/data sites and other, so you don’t only need to be a miner.

Search for YO-ELLE ingame, you can find the link to the recruitment channel in the bio.

Military Division will be added for our own PVPfleet :slight_smile:

Recruitment is open for industrials and PvPers.

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