DXVK stopped working [SOLVED]

Recently I returned to EVE and discovered, to my delight, that DXVK is working and everything is smooth and beautiful.
However, recently it has stopped working, and my client defaults to ugly DirectX 9. I can get built-in wine opengl dx11 support to work, if I set it with winecfg, but it is slow and full of glitches.
What is going wrong? How can I make DXVK work again?

System details:

  • ubuntu 18.10
  • Wine-staging 4.0~rc5~cosmic
  • Nvidia GTX770, nvidia driver 415.25
  • libvulkan1, mesa-vulkan-drivers, libnvidia-gl-415 are installed for 32-bit and 64-bit
  • 32-bit DXVK d3d11.dll, dxgi.dll copied into ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/CCP/EVE/
  • Launcher log: https://pastebin.com/YWYgN5jg
  • Client log: https://pastebin.com/tdc7GVmt

Can you try wine-stable instead? Wine-staging may not be as smooth.

I tried wine-stable (3.04) and wine-devel (4.0~rc5~cosmic). Same result.

EDIT: I succeeded in running eve using Steam Play (with proton, Valve’s implementation of wine+dxvk). I still like the linux launcher better (it is faster to get to play with it, and I prefer using my own system’s libs), so I hope this can be solved.

As i have seen in your log files, you have used my scripts and the launcher updated from Release to the Beta version. Both don’t use your system libs from qt5 which are in your case the same as the launchers delivers.
Have you tried an older version from DXVK? I suppose a regression in dxvk or wine 4.0 rc5 and the latest dvxk version 0.94. Proton uses a customized version from wine-devel 3.16 and dxvk 0.94.
If you want to change dxvk please use evewinetricks to do that, EVE don’t use the standard WINEPREFIX in ~/.wine, which you have mentioned before by installing dxvk.

Thanks, Gharim, for your response and for your life-saving script.
My 0.94 DXVK was the one which worked, and wine did not update either.
What is evewinetricks exactly? How should I use it?

My installer package install not only evelauncher.sh, it install some scripts, which you should use for change settings on your EVE installation when you have used my installer. One of them are evewinetricks, which are nothing more than the normal winetricks script with the difference, that it looks for $WINEPREFIX and the used wine version from your EVE installation in the EVE configuration file which are in $HOME/.config/CCP. So it makes sure that you every time the right wine version and the right installation path have used for changes which you will made.

Just call EVE Winetricks from your Application menu or evewinetricks in a Terminal and select after confirm the wine prefix (which comes in this case from EVE.conf) the first menu entry ‘Install a Windows DLL or component’ and there scroll down to dvxk and select the dxvk version which you want to install. Winetricks will download the wanted dxvk files from the developer and install it in the used $WINEPREFIX from EVE which are important, because if you use the install script from dxvk itself without giving a $WINEPREFIX this script will install his files in the standard wine prefix $HOME/.wine and there are she useless for EVE.


Thank you, I will try that!

Thank you! I re-run your installer using the standalone version, installed latest dxvk through your scripts, and now eve works again with dxvk beauty.

May I suggest a sticky for this? Vulkan has been nothing but amazing and I may give DXVK a shot soon™.

I’d like to add to this that while DXVK had also stopped working for me, this turned out (for me) to be due to my not having installed a package that provides the vulkan API to 32-bit applications, which EVE still is.

I run OpenSuse Tumbleweed, and the package I was missing is libvulkan_radeon-32bit. which I had thought was meant for use on x86 architectures only, and had thus ignored until now. Other libraries, including the one for 64 bit applications, had previously been installed as a dependency by some other package…

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