E-OGL4 structure destruction

my gate struture was destroyed without consent and ihub flipped. other structures were also attacked.

2019.04.15 02:56:08

Corp: Dragon Factory
Alliance: stratios Factory Alliance
Faction: Unknown
Destroyed: Ansiblex Jump Gate
Moon: Unknown
System: E-OGL4
Security: -0,3
Damage Taken: 4495246

Involved parties:Name: robot 12138 (laid the final blow)
Security: 5,00
Alliance: WMTO11V11OTMW
Faction: None
Ship: Nyx
Weapon: Malleus I
Damage Done: 4495246

Destroyed items:

Standup Conduit Generator I

Dropped items:

Hydrogen Fuel Block, Qty: 53482 (Other)

he has also attacked my structure in 15W, my jump gate.

i am trying to retake my ihub.

i hope he wont shot more

Hmmmm, it seems he will need a little punishment on his nyx

he did kill some ships that were hanging near anchored structure too. as far as i know he was killing people outside m-oeeb … well due to shadow fighters being broken,he didnt lose his nyx for suicide ganking rhea in jita LOL

Bait him, i am sure some dude would be glad to kill him

he did not come back. he ust fliped ihub and he left.

some people are dicks like that.

well justice did happen some day ago…he did it again and started attacking next structure but this time he was caught and his nyx was shot down. hes chinese/japan but does not give privillege to kill structures in other systems than m-oeeb… i am trying to recover the ihub but this is more complicated.

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