Edencom Ships in the Abyss

I was testing a fit in a t3 electrical abyss and got a wave of edecom ships. I was wondering if this is a new addition or if it is a bug. It just seems kinda weird considering that edencom is fighting against the triglavians.

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Uh, there are also Drifters in abyssal deadspace. They’re also fighting the Trigs.

There are now also CONCORD strike groups and pirate fleets, the abyss is basically a battleground of everyone against everyone by now.

It doesn’t really make sense, because why would you shoot a faction that has positive standings toward you, and vice versa?

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You didn’t see anything…

The Abyss is like an active battlefield you zap yourself into. Try taking up a shotgun and walking into an open firefight, chances are you’ll get shot even if you’re a citizen of one of the two combatants. The Abyss is like that. Total chaos.

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They have to blow you up, otherwise the gate to the next room won’t open for them.


That’s some Saw ■■■■■■■■ right there.

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