[EKCHU] JSpace PVP/PVE/Industry US/EU TZ

Are you looking for a laid back group of players that prioritize PVP in Wormhole Space and 0.0? Would you like to have plenty of opportunity for quick and easy ISK-making opportunities? Do you need a place to set up some PI and industry? Have a lot of RL commitments but still want a home where these things are available? Look no further than EKCHU - Ekchuah’s Shrine Comporium.

We are a long-standing Wspace corp that has been around since the early days. Many of our players have been in Wspace as long as it’s been in the game. We are primarily EUTZ and are looking to pad our NA ranks a little too for around-the-clock activity for our members.

What we offer:

  • C3 with Nullsec static for plenty of available PVP and PVE
  • Daytrips/ops to higher class space for PVE fleets
  • Weekly bank robbing fleets out the 0.0 static
  • Plenty of Industrial and really good PI infrastructure
  • A group of laid back, RL-first players who just log in to blow stuff up and have some fun.
  • No mandatory time or participation commitments, but if there’s a fleet up we want people that will hop into pvp ships and pew.
  • Many corp ships, modules, and ammo provided or available upon request.
  • No skill requirement, but you’ll definitely want the basic skills for wspace (covops cloak and scanning).
  • PVP/PVE ships include: HACs, T3Ds, T3Cs, Battleships, and Precursor ships of all sizes. But if you can fly even a T1 cruiser with a T2 tank, we’ve got fits for you.

If this sounds interesting to you, contact us ingame: Ekchuah Public or you can PM me, Jensen Kryplar.

Killboard link: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/533136257/