Embark - USTZ lowsec pvp corp is recruiting

Embark is a USTZ pvp corpration that operates out of Sinq Liason. We are in Sedition, an alliance made up of a few corps from the recently disbanded Intergalactic Space Hobos alliance. We focus on small/medium gang pvp and have a laid back, casual environment.

The only requirement is to try to log on when you can, pvp, and get some dank frags. ^and ^have ^a ^mic ^and ^be ^omega ^status

We have access to nullsec for ratting, moon mining ops, and other ways to help you make isk if you need that.

Ingame Channel: Embark Trade Depot

Contact: Philip Montagna


Corp Killboard

Alliance Killboard


Still recruiting.

Come feed on yeet fleets with us.

Good guys! 100% Endorsed

Still feeding.

Successful fort defense last night.



Still recruiting.

Little gank in a c3 last night.

Another successful fort defense.

Little cruiser yeet fleet yesterday.

Still recruiting inactive bittervets.

Another staging fortizar armor timer, this time it was taken into hull.

Come drop on rorqual bait with us.

Still recruiting.


Still recruiting.

Took bait, lost few dreads and my tackle rorqual but got our first alliance nyx kill! Dont miss the 2nd one soon!

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Nice little brawl yesterday during a mining op.