(Malless) #1

Eveboard Malless
-Jump Freighter Pilot- (Transports as well) JDC5

-PvP Ready -
Flys Caldari AFs, CovOps (cyno5), Cepters, HACs, T3, both Gallente/Caldari Dictors
Hunter ready Cyno 5

-Good Probe Scanner -

-Guristas & SoE Mission Runner- Can run empire missions also…
Level 4 Guristas Missions (Pirate Faction)
Level 3 SoE missions (Pirate Faction)
Level 2 ArchAngel Missions (Pirate Faction)
Level 2 in All of empire
Good or Neutral Standing with all entities in Eve.

-MGCrystal Clone with Omega-

-Notable Lvl 5 skills -
Caldari Subsys // Transport Ships // Dictors // Expedition Frigates // Tactical Shield Manip // Salvaging // Cybernetics // Jump Drive Cal // Cyno // Warhead Upgrades // Rapid Launch // Leadership // AWU // Thermodynamics

-Malless, Born on April, 2010 2remaps/+Sec/Clean History&KB, -Great Name-
42Msp Caldari w/some Gallente.
Location = Jita 4-4, no Kill rights, Positive Balance
2 jump clones are in 0.0 [FDZ4-A(basics) NM-OEA(empty)]

Price = 40Bil

Please ask here or ingame if any questions.

Thank you for your Business.

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(Malless) #2

Forgot to add, can also Fly T2 Expedition Frigates…

Also has 44.5k unallocated Skill Points

WTB Hunting toon Cyno V
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(calimero petit) #3

password pls