Eveboard Malless
-Jump Freighter Pilot- (Transports as well) JDC5

-PvP Ready -
Flys Caldari AFs, CovOps (cyno5), Cepters, HACs, T3, both Gallente/Caldari Dictors
Hunter ready Cyno 5

-Good Probe Scanner -

-Guristas & SoE Mission Runner- Can run empire missions also…
Level 4 Guristas Missions (Pirate Faction)
Level 3 SoE missions (Pirate Faction)
Level 2 ArchAngel Missions (Pirate Faction)
Level 2 in All of empire
Good or Neutral Standing with all entities in Eve.

-MGCrystal Clone with Omega-

-Notable Lvl 5 skills -
Caldari Subsys // Transport Ships // Dictors // Expedition Frigates // Tactical Shield Manip // Salvaging // Cybernetics // Jump Drive Cal // Cyno // Warhead Upgrades // Rapid Launch // Leadership // AWU // Thermodynamics

-Malless, Born on April, 2010 2remaps/+Sec/Clean History&KB, -Great Name-
42Msp Caldari w/some Gallente.
Location = Jita 4-4, no Kill rights, Positive Balance
2 jump clones are in 0.0 [FDZ4-A(basics) NM-OEA(empty)]

Price = 40Bil

Please ask here or ingame if any questions.

Thank you for your Business.

Forgot to add, can also Fly T2 Expedition Frigates…

Also has 44.5k unallocated Skill Points

password pls