Enlightened Industries! - Goonswarm Federation - PvP/PvE/Industry Etc

Enlightened Industries has reopened recruitment for the first time in almost a year

Enlightened Industries is a fun and friendly corporation which more than anything is a community for you to make friends with and feel like you’re contributing to something greater. We are a self-sufficient corporation but at the same time have full access to all Goonswarm activities and resources. We have a large and capable management team covering all timezones.

Although we began as an industrial corp the very of nature EvE itself dictated that we had to adapt and change. EvE is a combat-orientated game and as such we have evolved into a multifaceted corporation composed of miners, industrialist, explorers and some of the most active PvP members in the game. All members, regardless of their expertise, are expected to remain active and contribute to the well being of the corporation in some way.

We are a member of Goonswarm Federation, which is part of the Imperium.

We are a truly all-round corporation and can offer:

PvP (corp roams, alliance roams, coalition blobs, capital and super capital operations, all aspects of sov warfare)
PvE (ratting, plexing)
Industry (production, ore/ice buyback, PI buyback)
Logistics (jump freighter, rorqual, orcas)
Exploration (Some of the best sites in the game)

And this is what we can offer you:

  • Fun and friendly environment which is well organised but also laid back.
  • 0.0 warfare, Logistics, caps, supercaps, 1000+ blobs, bomber ops, small gang ops, even lowsec roams and gate camps, we can offer it all.
  • Citadel and station access for bonused research, invention, copying etc.
  • Plenty of PvE action in some of the richest null sec space.
  • Access to all the 0.0 ore that delve can offer.
  • The best SRP in Imperium.
  • Isk for PAPs
  • Fax subsidy.
  • Advanced skill book subsidy
  • Generous ORE/ICE/PI buyback programs.
  • Corp and Coalition mumble, wiki and forums.

It may be hard to believe, but Goon fleets are newbie friendly and true newbies are often showered in ISK on their first few fleets. Most all fleets will take the time to answer newbie questions and help you succeed. The wiki shows you how to fit your ships properly, and we tend to use standard Imperium fleet doctrines that you can follow and work towards.


  • 5mil SP (Exceptions down to 3M can be made).
  • Be active.
  • Mature and responsible attitude.
  • A general “want” to being a part of a community.
  • Able to use Mumble, and Discord.
  • Be in our public channel ENL-I to discuss your application.
  • Must be willing to PvP

Feel free to join our public channel ENL-I and speak to a recruitment officer.

I joined this asylum over 3 years ago. It is a mystery to me why I’m still here.

Looks nice. Im am just curious to know what region you operate and what type of pirate ships are there for ratting. :slight_smile:

We are fighting the good fight against the Blood Raider menace in Delve

One day soon the galaxy will be rid of the Blood Raider menace.

Hello,are you noob friendly?I’m pretty lost now and i would love to get help and learn from good players,if you want invite me to corp :smiley:

We require that the people joining have some level of self sufficiency and experience with the game i.e. our 5M SP requirement to join. We can make exceptions down to 3m SP however if you are a brand new pilot then I would recommend finding another more new player friendly corp.

Ty for answering,I’ll try to get into this corp later i guess ^^

My competitive Overwatch rank improved from bronze to silver after joining this corp.

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The CEO of this corporation bought me GTA 5, Battlefront 2, Resident Evil 5 and a Fortnite battle pass. 10/10 would join again.

Are you tired of being In horde? Join today and get Enlightened.

Recruitment is still open.

I started blind jumping after not joining this corp

Bump - Females with Australian accents automatically accepted.

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Flying corgis automatically accepted

Pop tarts are indeed a kind of ravioli.

Bump - Just paid out on our new program Isk for paps! Get paid to join fleets!

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ooo, is recruitment still open? Been AFK for 3+ years interested in getting back into it