Error connecting to chat server

Could not connect to the chat server at
Please ensure that this port is not blocked.
Check the forums for any reported issues.
Retry? y/n

My port is not blocked, tried to ping in cmd but no response.
Im in sweden, anyone else in sweden getting this error too?

I reply here, because your forum do not let me create a new topic for my issue. What a sharp minded leader decided it is good this way…

I do not have access to chat. My problem is not the same as the guy’s above me. The tutorial is ■■■■■■ up. It is for more than half a year now, I found on these forums posts from may about it, and yet the devs kept it that way. Great job, really!!

The problem with the tutorial is that it doesn’t give access to the user interface, which is ridicoulos and infuriating in the same time. Later, I read that there is a shortcut for hiding and displaying the user interface and the sharp minded developers thought it is a good way to hide it by default. Now, I know it, but it still doesn’t help me. I finished the first tutorial mission with thoughts of rapid uninstall of the game, but I did it and at the end I have 90% of the UI. But the chat is still not there. No, I will not continue the tutorial chain, I simply ■■■■ it down. I login tomorrow morning and either a dev solve it in the coming hours or I will never ever spend a ■■■■■■■ euro on this game. You had more than half year for this since the forum reports and you simply shat on the problem. Not sure who should you fire from the company, those who neglected this so ■■■■■■■ simple issue for more than half a year, or that sharp minded iq champion who pushed this braindead idea through the dev team.

Oh, and back on the topic creation… another great example of perfect solutions. Not letting creating a topic with my years old game account I must be a forum spam bot, not there are a million way of check or prevention…

Still no chat. My problem is solved now, game is uninstalled.

Again chat errors

[20:40:46] EVE System > Could not connect to chat server

notting Change on my pc and chat WAS working good.

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