Escape the main blocs and just have fun! EUTZ Null Sec PVP

Are you:

  • Bored of being surrounded by blues and having to take multiple jumps to see a ship to shoot?
  • Bored of using a filament and landing in blue space (again)?
  • Bored of just pressing F1 and not feeling part of anything?
  • Need a group who actually have defined goals and objectives?

The Dark Vanguard are a group of like minded European PVPers. We’re bored of the political narrative and stale meta so we left the stale power blocs and have started a new adventure in Eve!

What we are looking for:

  • Active in the EUTZ (approx 17:00 - 22:00 ET)
  • Our main gameplay is PVP so we expect you to have a similar mindset
  • Have a basic grasp of the game and what to do - you don’t need to be a veteran but we’re not looking for newbros (attitude is more important then SP)
  • We’re part of Provi so must follow NRDS (this is a lot of fun!)

What we can offer:

  • A well organised, ambitious and tight group of players
  • A place where you are not just another number in fleet and your participation counts
  • Competent and active FC’s to generate PVP
  • ISK making/buyback etc. to help fund that PVP addiction

Our killboard:


Join our discord: or “TDVG Pub” in game

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