ESI - Public Character Data

Why 7 days, and why now? So 7 days wait to get new alliance, corp members on the 3rd party software like AA and pathfinder. This is crazy.

PPl don’t read anymore


Learn to read its 1 day.

After 1 day, our new recruit still don’t have pathfinder access. Any news ?

Did you use the affiliation endpoint?

What is that?

This doesn’t seem to be true. 4 days and still not working. Is anyone checking on these things?

How many requests can I send to the ESI when I have trained Spamming V? :crazy_face:
But seriously, why do people have to exploit a good thing like ESI at the expense of others. I bet it has something to do with having bad programming skills.
I don’t like the change that has been made, but I do understand why they did it.

As a developer stand point this statement make NO sense !

If you are receiving too many requests on a CHACHED end point, why the hell is the need to change how often it is cached ???

You should really think the other way, if you are spammed MAYBE it is because the information are not up to date, and so you should update the cache as often as you can, not the opposite.

Please fix this mess or angry developer may start scraping data directly from the game.

i’d like to point out that evewho suffers from the character corporation history endpoint being taken down.
EveWho provides very useful information about character affiliation, corporation history, and more importantly corporations join and leave history, which knowledge is constructed from corporation history, not something the game provides access to.

I guess this endpoint was taken down for similar reasons that the changes announced here were decided.

I can only imagine attempting to construct this knowledge from pulling publicly available affiliation information would require throwing a sh*tload of requests to the servers to track affiliations over time.

Additionnaly, now that evewho only provides outdated intel, obtaining such information may be of even greater interest in obtaining an edge in general intelligence.

So its a wild guess, but putting the character history back online, might actually be a smart move as far as load and number of requests is concerned in the short term ?

In the longer term, i’d be totally ok to see access to the API at large restricted to auth’d users and applications so that problematic usages can be addressed better.

give it another couple of days. when cached data go stale after the old 7-day cache rule it should be updated again daily