ESI undocumented scopes

(Pete Butcher) #1

When trying to set a waypoint through /v2/ui/autopilot/waypoint/, there’s an error: /v2/ui/autopilot/waypoint/: ‘clear_other_waypoints’ is required. ‘add_to_beginning’ is required.

Unfortunately, none of these scopes is documented. You can’t even add them at So, how to get around it?

(Blacksmoke16) #2

Those aren’t scopes. They are query params that you can include in your request. They should default to false so it might be a bug that it’s saying they are required.

  • clear_other_waypoitns - Whether clean other waypoints before adding this one
  • add_to_beginning - Whether this solar system should be added to the beginning of all waypoints

(Pete Butcher) #3

Ah, you’re right.