Established Wormhole Corp Looking For New Members


Enjoy the video and stop by our pub channel! Look forward to chatting.

Opsec still recruiting. We don’t win em all but have fun. Great fights either way. Good fights Stay Feral [HOWL]!

Opsec is still recruiting. Join our pub chat and chat with us

Opsec is still recruiting. We’d love to have you join our pub channel and chat. Enjoy a recent video of some of our small gang fun including me not paying attention to range and getting webbed. Shoutout to Lady Hazel for the vid.

Opsec is still recruiting. Stop by ☼OpSec Pub☼ and say hello!

Still recruiting

Opsec. Recruiting

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Always something going on in the Wrong Hole. Join ☼OpSec Pub☼ and say hi!

Swing by the pub chat and say hello

Swing by the pub chat and say hello. Recruitment is still open.

Join ☼OpSec Pub☼ and say hello!

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Still Recruiting


We are still recruiting! Sometimes it’s fun not to plus up. 3 frigs vs Domi Navy

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Still recruiting! Come experience the Wrong Hole

Still recruiting! Come join ☼OpSec Pub☼ in game and say hi.

Had a dust up with The Pretenders recently. Good fights guys!

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Still recruiting. Drop in our pub chat and say hi!

Still recruiting. Drop in ☼OpSec Pub☼ in game and say hi!