Eternal Horizons Industries looking for other PVE Corps

Eternal Horizons Industries is a newly formed alliance seeking other PVE corps to join up. We are comprised of mining and mission running pilots, currently based in Amarr. We are looking for other PVE corps that like to have a good time while flying through space. No mandatory ops. Discord is there if you would like to use it. So if your corp wants to make more friends to fly with and make some isk, feel free to join our public channel or contact our recruiters to see about joining up. We are not looking to merge with any other corps or alliances. We maintain a not war eligible standing.

Join Eternal Horizons Couch to speak with us.

Fly safe.

Recruitment still open

Still open for recruitment

Still open and looking for more corps

Hi there, I’d love to have a chat. I recently created a corp. with (so far) just me and alts in it to focus on missions, filaments and trading. Sounds like your alliance could be a good home for Baphomet Industries.

Still seeking more corporations that would like to fly with us

Still open for corporations

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